Please Help Identify My Radial Engine Motorcycle

Radial Engine Motorcycle

Hi Dave,

While surfing the internet I came across your website. Cool site!
I saw a subject about motorbikes with radial engines. I just received a picture of a motorbike (1920’s) with a 5 cyl radial engine. And it is not the Verdel…
The bike is for sale and I am interested but i have my doubts if it is original. For starters I try to find out what kind of engine the bike is fitted with. Do you recognise this type of engine?
Looking forward to your response.
Kind regards,
The Netherlands
Radial Engine Motorcycle

If anyone can identify this bike, please comment below and you are welcome to email any photos to Haul N Ride

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4 thoughts on “Please Help Identify My Radial Engine Motorcycle

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    Matthew Lomas says:

    The tank is Motobecane mb1, as is the frame although it’s been extended at the bottom loop to accommodate the radial engine, I suspect it’s been built by someone. Very cool though!

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