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Motorcycle Cruise Control

Cruise Control

Slide On Cruise Assist – Hand Rests

There is nothing worse during a long ride, than having wrist fatigue and hand cramp. You just can’t wait to stop and stretch out the fingers. This fatigue is caused due to prolonged gripping of the throttle.

Cruise control is not recommended to be used in traffic, through hills or windy twisty roads. They are only suited to long straight stretches of road or highway.

A Slide on Cruise Control with Hand Rest (also known as a Cramp Buster) is a simple solution to this problem. These simple “Slide-On” devices do not lock the throttle on and can be installed without tools. They are available in 7/8″ (22.22mm) or 1″ (25.4mm) diameter to fit most motorcycles.

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With a Slide On Cruise Control with Hand Rest, you can effortlessly have full control of the throttle. To install it, simply stretch it open and slide it onto your throttle hand grip.



How it Works

To use, rotate the Cruise Control forward to loosen grip on the throttle. When you have set the position of the throttle to the required speed, apply pressure with weight of your palm on the cruise control to hold the throttle position. Now you can relax your fingers and stretch them out a bit. This small plastic device also allows you to rest your palm.

To slow down, simply spin the Cruise Control forward to release the throttle and the motorbike will decelerate.

Throttle Clip – Cramp Assist Cruise Control



  • Brand New and High Quality
  • Full Throttle control with a relaxed hand
  • Comfortably fits, reduces the strain on your fingers, wrist and arm
  • Reducing problems with fatigue, tendonitis, carpal tunnel
  • Especially beneficial when wearing heavier gloves
  • The throttle assist will make the rotation of the throttle grip easier
  • Easy on, easy off. No tools required
  • Material: Durable ABS plastic


Motorcycle Cruise Control


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Button Controlled Throttle Lock

Motorcycle Cruise Control

A pleasant cruise should not lead to wrist fatigue at the end of the ride. The fatigue is caused due to not being able to relax your grip on the throttle. Here is another style of Cruise Control. The Button Controlled Throttle Lock Cruise Control.


Apply, push switch down with thumb. to release flick the switch up.

Motorcycle Cruise Control




Available in Vista Cruise Control 1″ and 7/8″ handlebar sizes: Visit Product




Mechanical Throttle Cruise Assist

Enjoy longer rides and relax your throttle hand with Kuryakyn’s Mechanical Throttle Assist. This is one of the most innovative cruise controls for your cruiser. The simplest & cleanest looking throttle position holder available for your bike. The cruise control attaches to the end of your motorcycles handlebars but looks like a stylish bars end.

Simply hold the throttle at desired location and roll your little finger back to hold your throttle in position. The spring loaded tensioner makes it easy to set cruising speed without over tightening for easy throttle shut down when needed.

Add the left side for a bar end weight matched pair and ride on in comfort.

  • For use with 7/8″ or 1″ diameter handlebars with open ends
  • Looks like a bar end weight
  • Easy throttle disengage-just roll the throttle forward


Kuryakyn Cruise Control




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Kuryakyn Throttle Assist LH Bar End Weight

 Create a matching set. Add a matching left handlebar end weight to match the cruise control on the right handlebar.
Kuryakyn Cruise Control




To check the current price and grab yourself a Kuryakyn Throttle Assist: Visit Product




It is great to know we have these easy to install solutions will minimize your fatigue and maximize your enjoyment on long rides. Don’t forget to share your Throttle Assist story in the comments below. Which type do you prefer? Then you may like to visit Compare Motorcycle Airbag Clothing – Riding Gear Review to protect yourself from serious injury.

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