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Motorcycle Trailer

Motorbike Trailers. Great for luggage, camping, towing a bike, anything really. Let’s take a look at the many types of motorcycle trailers.

Motorcycle Instruction

While teaching as a Motorcycle Instructor, it was necessary to tow a small bike behind my large bike. This allowed me to take the learner bike to the student, who was not yet confident to ride with traffic. I would then ride with the student in the car-park until they had perfected the skills necessary to enter traffic.

I chose the Honda Shadow 750 for two main reasons.

  • It has a radiator, perfect for practicing slow speed maneuvers on hot days.
  • It has a low seat. This allowed short students to obtain a large bike license while being able to keep flat feet on the ground.

Motorcycle Instructor Erdie Trailer

I chose to have the Tow Bar fitted to the Honda’s chassis and rear fender. This provides a much smoother ride. A local engineer fabricated this with stainless steel square tubing. Very strong indeed and the silver matches the chrome.

The alternative (which I chose not to follow), is mounting the tow-bar on the swing arm. Example below.

Motorcyle Tow Bar

The Towing Experience

Towing a motorcycle behind a motorcycle is not scary. I will explain how it feels.

Towball Movement

Little bumps that feel like the front wheel is going over potholes are caused by the towball moving in the tow hitch socket. Very slight and not anything to be concerned about.


You have to constantly remember you are wider than riding solo. Therefore, you ride in the center of your lane (between the car tire tracks), and watch your trailer does not cross the center line on bends, (watch your mirror). Also, remember to turn corners wide to prevent your trailer tire riding over the curb.


You will have to ride your clutch for longer and increase the revs, due to the extra weight. If you are confident performing Hill Starts, you should be fine.

Trailer Lock

I chose to put a trailer lock on my trailer while I was out riding with the student.

Motorcycle Tow Hitch Lock

There are many types available…


To give you an idea on the sort of weight a motorcycle can tow, I have added some photos below.

Japanese tows American – the Shadow 750 easily towed an 883 and swag.

Honda Towing a Harley

Japanese Tows Italian – Ducati 750. What a good Old Workhorse.

Honda Towing a Ducati

Carrying Cargo

My motorcycle trailer is also great for carrying heavy loads. Has kept my family warm for many winters.

The trailer’s Independent suspension performed extremely well while towing the trailer through off road bush tracks.

Motorcycle Trailer Towing Wood

Erdie Motorcycle Trailer Towing Wood

Motorcycle Trailer Wood Fire

I have even towed horse manure for the garden.

Honda Motorbike Towing Horse Manure

And I used my trailer to carry a 140 kg sidecar to the weighbridge for licensing.

Honda Towing a Sidecar

I don’t think I could live without my Erdie Motorcycle Trailer from Tourlite.

You may be surprised what a motorcycle is capable of towing….

I think I will always have a tow-bar on my motorcycle. You never know what you might have to move.


Motorcycle Trailers

The term “Motorcycle Trailer” can be confusing as it can refer to a trailer to be towed by a motorcycle or refer to a trailer towed behind a car to carry motorcycles.

Of these two types of motorcycle Trailers, the smaller trailer is used to tow a motorcycle, luggage or camper behind a motorcycle. The larger trailers are designed to be towed by a car carrying multiple motorbikes. Here are a few examples.

Oceanic Custom Trailers

Aluminium Trailers

Here is an example from Aluminium Trailers designed to carry multiple bikes.

Aluminium Motorcycle Trailers

Motorcycle Cargo Trailers are available in many styles and designs.

Folding Motorcycle Trailers

If your garage lacks storage space for a trailer, perhaps you should purchase a folding trailer.

Folding Motorcycle Trailer

This folding trailer arrives in a kit and will require assembly.


FMT Folding Multi-use Trailers

FMT Folding Motorcycle Trailer

FMT Folding Motorcycle Trailer

Luggage Trailers

Luggage trailers provide that extra space for the cargo that will not fit into pannier or saddle bags. Here are some examples.

Mad Max Motorcycle Luggage Trailers

Mad Max Trailer

Mad Max Motorcycle Luggage Trailer

Mad Max Motorcycle Luggage Trailer

Mad Max Motorcycle Luggage Trailer

Classic Industries Motorcycle Luggage Trailers

Performance Motorcycle Trailers

Car Replica Motorcycle Trailers

And if you want a cargo trailer that will stand out in the crowd, complement your bike and look sexy, then you will love these trailers.

Car Replica Motorcycle Trailer

Car Replica Trailer

Bushtec Motorcycle Luggage Trailers

These manufacturers provide many options for both style and size.

Bushtec Motorcycle Luggage Trailers

Motorcycle Boat, Kayak and Canoe Trailers

Some people like to tow a boat to enjoy water activities after a ride. Motorcycle Boat Trailers are also available in folding options.


Motorcycle Boat Trailer

Motorcycle Boat Trailers

Motorcycle Boat Kayak Canoe Trailer












Motorcycle Camp Trailers and Cot Tent Trailers

If your going to “get away”, you might like to take a comfortable camper with you.

Buy Motorcycle Camper

Motorcycle Camp Trailer

Motorcycle Camp Trailer







Motorcycle Tow Hitches

And finally, a motorcycle trailer is of no use to you, without a tow hitch. Here are some ideas.

Remember: Trailers add width to your ride, so be careful to turn corners wider, and remember to slow down earlier to allow your brakes time to pull up the weight. Ride Safe!

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