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Bulldog Folding Kayak / Canoe Trailer

Weighing only 65 kg and able to carry 385 kg, perfect to tow behind your bike

But don’t let the light weight fool you.  Each Bulldog Folding Kayak / Canoe Trailer is made of high-strength steel that’s hot dipped galvanized inside and out, and all fasteners are 304 stainless steel for extra yield and tensile strength.

Buy Motorcycle Boat Kayak Canoe Trailer

All of this means that Bulldog Folding Trailers can withstand towing speeds and distances equal to that of traditional rigid trailers, and still fit into the corner of your garage when not in use.

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  • Suitable for kayaks, canoes and regular boats up to 4.3m in length and weighing up to 385kg.
  • Includes kayak / canoe cross bar accessory
  • Folds and unfolds in minutes
  • Small enough to fit into the trunk of most cars
  • Rugged design for on- or off-road use and long-distance travel
  • Additional accessories available for inflatable boats

Buy Motorcycle Boat Kayak Canoe Trailer

Motorcycle Boat Kayak Canoe TrailerBulldog Folding Kayak / Canoe Trailer

Ingenious Design Makes Loading and Unloading Safe and Easy. In as little as five minutes, you can load up your kayak or canoe and ride away with your favourite toy to your favourite location.



SeaTrail Lightweight Kayak – Canoe – Boat Trailer

80kg Folding Motorcycle Galvanised 3.7m Kayak/Canoe Trailer

Folding Trailer to Store Neatly in you Garage!

Buy Motorcycle Kayak Canoe Boat Trailer

  • High Quality Galvanised Boat Trailer (Hot Dip Galvanised)
  • 12″ Galvanised Rim
  • ATM 750 kg
  • Tare 140 kg
  • Stand On Guards with Steps
  • Carpeted Skids
  • Ford Stud Rim Pattern
  • Ford Bearings
  • Submersible LED Plug In Light
  • New Rims and Tyres
  • 7 Pin Plug
  • 2 Years Structural Warranty

Buy Motorcycle Kayak Canoe Boat Trailer

Buy Motorcycle Kayak Canoe Boat Trailer

SeaTrail High Quality Galvanised Boat Trailer (Hot Dip Galvanised)

2.1 to 5.0m Kayak or Canoe Trailer – 100% Brand New, supplied in kit form, less than 1 day easy assembly.




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