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Motorcycle Trike Teardrop Camper

Spoil Yourself and Enjoy Getting Away with a compact Motorcycle Camper Trailer

Whether it’s an overnight stay at a friend’s house or a weekend away in nature. Hitch to your bike and explore the freedom.

Motorcycle Trike Teardrop Camper

Aussie Teardrop Campers – Motorcycle Home on Wheels

Based on the 1940’s Compact Camper Trailer, teardrop campers provide the necessities of a sleep-in cabin & kitchenette, without the fuss and hassle of putting up a tent! Aussie Teardrop Campers may have the “home away from home” you have been looking for. They also have second hand campers and parts.



Elite Motorcycle Camper

Elite Products – Motorcycle Campers

With an Elite Camper you can create a large living space from a tiny motorcycle trailer, amazing. Sprinter ST  Models. Suitable for Trikes and Small Motor vehicles



Idaho Bedroll Motorcycle Camp Trailer

Motorcycle Camper Trailer – Idaho Bedroll

Transform from Cargo Trailer to Bunk in Seconds with an Idaho Bedroll.

Built to Order One at a Time. Starting at $3,200. Ride – Sleep – Ride



Tourlite Getaway Motorcycle Camper Trailer

Tour-Lite Camping & Leisure Motorcycle Trailer

The Getaway Plus is one of the Lightest and Most Compact Camper Trailers you will find.

All the benefits of being a compact camper such as value for money, quick set up, lightweight and fuel efficient towing, without compromising on usable space and comfort.


Time Out Motorcycle Campers

Time Out Trailers – Motorcycle Camper Trailers

These tow behind campers are very light, compact and have plenty of storage space. They offer a standard model and a deluxe model.

So what can you store with 16 cubic feet? 4 carry-on luggage bags, 3 large luggage bags, air mattress, chair and table. Independent Torsion Suspension provides a smooth ride. They include many optional extras and choice in design/colors



Wow! A Dual Purpose Trailer – Utility and Camper, Awesome

Tow the Quad behind your bike or Go Camping, with this trailer you can do both.

Take a look at the Space this Camper provides.

Purchase Motorcycle Camper Trailer

Buy Motorcycle Camper Trailer

Double Duty Folding Camper Tent & Utility – Motorcycle Camping Trailer

Double Duty Utility Camping Trailer is a versatile trailer that performs dual functions: utility AND camper trailer.  To meet its responsibilities as a utility trailer, we constructed the frame from high-quality steel and its platforms from hard-wearing steel mesh.  Then, we suspended it on triple leaf springs for smooth towing.  Additionally, the design of the Double Duty Utility Camper incorporates two detachable ramps that make loading mowers, ATVs, and motorcycles a hassle-free process.

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