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Motorcycles are unique when compared to cars, in that they can easily be wheeled to a trailer and stolen. This vulnerability makes motorcycles a common target for thieves.

It is not a nice feeling to look at your motorbike as you are leaving it, wondering if it will be there when you return.

Motorcycle Wheel Lock

Affordable Solutions – Portable and Simple Anti-Theft Devices

Ultimately if you can prevent the motorcycle from being ridden or rolled away from where you left it, you can leave your motorbike knowing it is likely to be waiting for you on your return.

Front Wheel Brake Disc Lock – With Built-in Alarm

A Motorcycle Front Wheel Lock with an Inbuilt Alarm would provide you Peace of Mind. Wheel Locks are easy to install on your motorcycle front brake disc and are small enough to store in your saddlebag.

If you value your motorcycle and cannot afford to replace it, then perhaps you could consider purchasing a Wheel Lock before the worst thing happens.

Take a look at the following Motorcycle Alarm Security Front Brake Disc Wheel Lock.

Motorcycle Wheel Lock AlarmThis black Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock will detect motion, with a 5-second delay. This will minimize the alarm sounding if the motorcycle is simply bumped against.

If the alarm does sound, it will emit 120 db of sound. That is very loud.

The Alarm Disc Lock has two settings. It can be set to lock only, and can be armed after 30 seconds.

Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm



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Avoiding Memory Loss – Alarm Disc Wheel Lock with Reminder Cable

The Wheel Lock is a great idea. but what if you forget it is installed and start to ride away? That is where you use a Remind Cable to prevent this occurring.

This Motorcycle 100 db Alarm Security Front Brake Disc Wheel Lock is supplied with a Free Remind Cable.

The item is a simple and practical mini anti-theft disc brake lock, which is mainly made of premium materials, and adopts advanced tamper-resistant valve lock core to reduce the chance of it being opened by other keys.

The Disc Lock prevents theft allowing you to not worry about the safety of your Motorcycle.

Motorcycle Wheel Lock Alarm

Motorcycle Wheel Lock Alarm






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With a Front Brake Disc Alarmed Wheel Lock and a Remind Cable, your ride should be very safe.

I would like to share another portable and simple to install security device to protect your ride.

Brake Lever Anti-theft Grip Lock

Also affordable is the Grip Lock which attaches to the Throttle Hand Grip and Front Brake Lever. If you were to install both of these security devices, you could leave your motorcycle parked with Peace of Mind.

Motorcycle Handlebar Throttle Grip/Brake Lever Anti Theft Lock

Motorcycle Grip Lock

Motorcycle Grip Lock

This Grip Lock is Simple to Use, is Lightweight and Portable. It has a Built-in Stainless Steel wire, to deter thieves attempting to cut through it with a saw.

Locking the Front Brake using the Grip Lock, will prevent the motorcycle from being pushed off the center or side stand, which will reduce the chance of being loaded onto a trailer.

The advantage of a Grip Lock when compared to a Wheel Lock, is that you cannot make the mistake of taking off with the Grip Lock still in place, as you could with a Wheel Lock (unless you have a Remind Cable).

Motorcycle Grip Lock




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As these Essential Anti-theft Security Locks designed to protect your ride from theft, are very affordable, all you have to decide is….

Which one shall I purchase or shall I get a Disc Lock and a Throttle Grip?

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4 thoughts on “Motorcycle Security – Wheel Lock Alarm & Grip Lock

  1. Braden Bills says:

    I want to make sure that my motorcycle is safe. It makes sense that having the right kinds of locks installed would be important! It’s great that you can make it so that the wheel can’t turn if they don’t unlock it first.

    • admin says:

      So true Braden, a bit hard to steal a bike it if you can’t move it. Grip Lock and Disc Locks are amazing inventions. Thank you for visiting Haul N Ride. Have a great day. Dave

  2. Tyler Johnson says:

    That’s a good idea to get a wheel lock for your motorcycle. I would think that would make it a lot harder to steal. I’ll have to consider getting a lock for my saddlebag so that I could prevent stealing from that as well.

    • admin says:

      Very interesting. I hope you can find something to lock your saddlebag. A hard case pannier would be easy, however it may be a bit tricky with a leather saddlebag. You may have to get creative and adapt something to fit. Good luck and ride safe. Dave

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