Motorcycle Protective Gear – Safety Videos

Riding Gear Motorcycle

FACT: Protective clothing reduces the severity of injuries sustained in a crash, and bright coloured protective clothing will help other road users see you.

The law in many countries state that riders must wear helmets.

Helmets – A securely fitted helmet will last 1-5 years, depending on use.  They are designed to absorb only ONE impact or drop.

Jackets – Choose either leather or non-leather alternative.  Select a jacket with built-in shoulder, elbow and back protection that is abrasion-resistant.

Eye protection – Ensure you wear quality glasses with open-faced helmets or when riding without a visor.

Gloves – Should fit securely but comfortably, be reinforced, padded and able to improve your grip.

Boots – Buy boots that are light, secure and reinforced.

Pants – Choose pants that are comfortable and have built-in reinforcement.


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