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Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar – Homemade Projects

Leaner Sidecar

Leaner, Parallel and Flexible Sidecar Projects

You are going to love this webpage. Grab your slippers, turn the kettle on, make a coffee and relax. This page is where Leaner’s Share. Enjoy 🙂

Reinier Smallegange’s home made Leaner Sidecar Demonstration

This is a terrific example of a Leaner Sidecar that clearly shows how safe leaning really is!

Tom’s Sunbeam Leaner Sidecar Project

“I can get about 45 degree lean, which on a Sunbeam is quite daring, even whilst riding solo. Trying to keep the weight under 50kg finished.” Tom

Click Image to see more…Leaner Sidecar Project Tom

Paul’s Kawasaki ZZR600 Leaner Sidecar Project

“In the photo of the bike leaning out I don’t think I would lean out that far when cornering (but it would come close to it) and even if I’m trying to I have never hit the car with the bike on a left hand corner. I wouldn’t want the car any closer to the bike, it seems about right.” Paul

Click Image to see more…Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar Projects

Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar Projects

Terry’s Ariel Plunger Leaner Sidecar Project

“I am looking at designing and building my own tilting sidecar attached to a special I am building that has two JAP 600 cc SV engines set in tandem in a stretched Ariel plunger frame.” Terry

Click Image to see more…

Leaner Sidecar Ariel Plunger

Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar Projects

Leaner Sidecars do not only belong on the road. “All Terrain” leaner sidecar combinations can carry fuel (gas) and supplies off-road.

All Terrain Leaner Sidecars

Off Road Leaner Motorcycle Combination

Fuel (Gas) Cargo Leaner Sidecar

Pete-NZ’s Off Road Leaner Sidecar to carry extra fuel.

Click Image to see more…

Off Road Leaner Sidecar FuelMotorcycle Leaner Sidecar ProjectsSource: Click Here


Wireless Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor System

Hiho and his Roadliner Leaner Sidecar Combination

“I built my first leaner twelve months ago and attached it to a Yamaha XJR1300. It was quite successful and we did some 10k with it ranging from track use to touring.”

Click Image to see more…

Leaner Sidecar

Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar Projects









Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar Projects


See More of Hiho creating a Bellagio Leaner Sidecar: Click Here



Leaner Sidecar Combination – Bike Leans and Sidecar Doesn’t

Share Your Project

Submit Your Leaner, Flexible or Parallelogram Sidecar Project to or comment below. Other builders would love to see your project. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar – Homemade Projects

  1. I am in the design stage of a “leaner” … currently working on the suspension …

    I need to know what everyone has been using for a spring loaded shock … recommendations for travel … weight load etc.

    Thanks for your input … Red

    1. Hi Red,
      It seems the majority of sidecars use a swingarm with a shocky suspension.
      The other option used is torsion independent suspension.
      Hopefully other builders will comment and help you find the information you require.
      Here are some ideas that may help.

      A visit to the following site will provide 4 pages of homemade examples.

      Velorex sidecars: The fat 20mm (13/16″) axle is supported by an adjustable hydraulic shock absorber mounted on a swing-arm for smooth and comfortable riding.

      Watsonian Squire sidecars: It sits on a tubular steel chassis, which is uprated from the 1940’s design with addition of a shock-absorber and 16″ wheel.

      Trans Moto Sidecars: use a gas shock

      Cozy Sidecar Shock:

      DMC Sidecars: Full Swing Arm Suspension with a Hagon shock

      Steve’s Workshop: Scroll down to suspension.

      Ural Sidecars: Rear suspension: Double sided swinging arm with gas shock absorbers
      Sidecar suspension: Single sided swinging arm with gas shock absorbers

      Good luck and thanks for visiting Haul N Ride.

      Ride Safe, Dave

  2. Hi,

    I have just come across your site and the explanation on leaner sidecars is great!
    I would like to show my leaner project based on a Velorex sidecar for my Moto Guzzi California 1100 Ev. I could explain the issues I encountered, and provide some pictures.

    1. Hi René,I would be delighted to create a post on Haul N Ride outlining your Leaner Sidecar Project.
      If you would like to write a story of your build, sharing the issues you encountered and some photos, please send to
      Thank you for your willingness to share your journey with other motorcycle enthusiasts, we look forward to learning more about your ride and be encouraged how you overcame obstacles along the way.
      Ride Safe

  3. Hi Dave,
    I’ve been reading your page with a lot of interest. Thanks!
    I’ve build my first leaner sidecar 6 years ago after reading about it. I’d never seen a leaner sidecar in real life at that time but that didn’t stop me.
    At first I build a prototype attached to an old Suzi GSX1100 from ’83. This was a very rough build but it served my purpose; I learned a lot on how to build my next one.
    I’ve attached the second build to my BMW K100rs from “88. The tub is a Polish Junak tub. The total weight is under 60 kg.
    The combination is proving to be very reliable and an absolute joy to ride. I’m riding it a lot together with my daughters and they love it.
    I’ve made a small build topic on ADVrider with a little bit more info ( ), if you are interested in posting my hack on your site, you are very welcome to do so. I’ve got a lot of pictures and I like to discuss with other leaner owners.
    Best regards from the Netherlands

    Reinier Smallegange

    1. Hi Reinier,
      Thank you for visiting Haul N Ride and providing your comment.
      I visited the ADVrider link you shared in your comment and love your creativity.

      How clever that you used the Citreon swingarm and Suzuki shocky from spare parts in your garage.
      However, the square tubing swingarm looks a lot neater and simpler.

      With the front mount connected higher on the bike, as the bike leans, it will naturally steer the sidecar instead of scrub the tire.
      Question: Is this what you have found?

      Apart from the ships boulder bending the sidecar frame, have you had any clearance issues?
      Question: What is the clearance between your frame and the road?

      Relocating the swingarm seems to have put the sidecar wheel hub further to the rear and improved the right turns.
      Question: Could you share with our readers the “Wheel Lead”? (distance between motorcycle rear axle and Sidecar hub center).

      Question: Could you please let us know the total width of the combination without lean and total width on full lean?

      Under 60 kgs is a great sidecar for a leaner combination, so light.

      We welcome you email photos and explanations of you build to

      Many visitors to Haul N Ride would love to read about your journey and benefit from your story.
      Feel free to send as many emails and photos as you would like to share with explanations of the photos.

      We can’t wait to hear more from you.

      Wow, not only are you a good welder, I am very impressed with your upholstery skills, you did a wonderful job creating the sidecar seat.
      I look forward to your story and photos.
      Have a great day. Dave

      1. Hi Dave,
        I made a small movie that shows how easy it is to ride my leaner:

      2. Hi Reinier, thank you so much for sharing your well designed Leaner Sidecar Combination.

        You placed the camera in just the right places for demonstration, awesome job 🙂

        I will add the video above to make it more visible to Haul N Ride visitors. Have an awesome day. Dave

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