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Arch Motorcycle Company Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, the co-founders of Arch Motorcycles are amazing the world with these innovative new motorcycles

Arch Motorcycle Company

The KRGT-1 is a custom tailored production Cruiser that provides personalized ergonomics and carefully selected fit and finishes, making every motorcycle unique to its owner.

The 1S is a sport influenced production Cruiser that has a more aggressive riding position, while maintaining it’s performance as a cruiser. Like the KRGT-1, the 1S with it’s elegant yet race inspired design and single sided swingarm, can also be custom tailored to its owner’s preferences.

The Method 143 is a concept production motorcycle featuring a carbon fiber mono-cell chassis and a unique layering design concept with elegant craftsmanship, including fine leather, carbon fiber and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum. This progressively designed motorcycle will be limited to only 23 units.

Keanu Reeve’s first motorcycle was in the mid 80’s. His second motorcycle was a 1973 Marc – Norton Commander.

Keanu really loves Norton’s upswept pipe, the featherbed frame, and with the engine rubber mounted, he loves how it takes a lot of the vibration out of it.

Keanu rode motorcycles in films such as “Chain Reaction” and “My Own Private Idaho”.

Chain Reaction Keanu Reeves My Private Idaho

Arch Motorcycles Keanu Reeves“On a motorcycle you’re a little more vulnerable so the stakes are higher which I like. For me it’s the visceral quality of it, the vibration, the wind, the sound and then it’s just really a great place to think to feel and to get away. You know when I don’t ride a motorcycle I’d go through withdrawal, it’s not good for my health.” Keanu

Apart from his love of Nortons, Keanu also purchased a Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide and was looking to personalize it. He was introduced to Gard Hollinger, the owner of a custom building company called Chop Rods.

Gard Hollinger Arch Motorcycles

Together Gard and Keanu built a custom bike, in which they took the Harley engine and built a motorcycle around it. This design became the prototype for the Arch Motorcycle, and the co-founding of the Arch Motorcycle company.

Arch Motorcycle Company

Hand Made Excellence

Arch Motorcycle company manufacture over 200 parts for each motorcycle of Billet Aluminum, and contrary to casting, billet parts are created by removing excess material from the billet (essentially the part is carved out of solid aluminum).

Arch also work with high-end companies, such as Öhlins high-end front suspension, South African company BST for carbon wheels and are working with a Wisconsin company called S&S; for the power plant.
Arch prefer Michelin tires and work with an Italian company called Rhizoma, for signals, mirrors and foot controls.
Another unique feature of Arch Motorcycles is every bike includes a custom made seat for the new owner.

“In terms of the company, definitely I’m involved with the the dream and ambition of the company.” Keanu

The KRGT-1 is a performance cruiser, whereas the 1S is a performance cruiser sport.

The 1S features compared to the KRGT-1

  • the riding position
  • instead of having forward controls, it has a mid controls
  • it has a different rake, bringing the front wheel closer for sport handling
  • it also has different wheels, bodywork, tank design and instrument panel
  • the frame is not exposed

Arch Motorcycles Keanu Reeves“It’s really fun just to get together and do a lot of riding with the Arches, going to Arch events and riding all through the Santa Monica Mountains”. Keanu

Concept Production Motorcycle

The Method 143 features a carbon fiber mono-cell frame.  It’s unique layering design concept and elegant craftsmanship of the bodywork include fine leather, carbon fiber and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum.

This progressively designed motorcycle will be limited to only 23 units when it is brought into production.

The powerplant of this bike is a massive S&S 143 cubic inch engine with futuristic design elements, such as the skins of the seat flowing into the shape of the tank.


Arch Motorcycle Company

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