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GPS and Sat Nav motorcycle accessories enable bikers with route planning, which not only avoids getting lost, it also avoids the dangerous (sometimes deadly) practice of last minute decisions on the road.

There are two forms of Global Positioning System (GPSsatnav (satellite navigation): moving maps and guidance navigation.

Mark Hinchcliffe explains the difference below:

Moving Maps:

This satnav is basically a “raster” or computer graphics image of an actual map.

It is geo-referenced which means the map is embedded in the satnav device and knows where its latitudes and longitudes (or lats and longs as we call them) are on the map.

These are all used in apps for phones or computer programs on desktop or laptop computers.

It shows you where you are. Your position is an overlay on the map and as you move, the map moves with you.

Guidance Navigation:

This is turn-by-turn navigation as used in GPS satnav units from companies such as TomTom, Navman, Garmin, etc.

They use raw data collected by driving the roads, photographing them, mapping them and from satellite images.


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