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Motorcycle Camper Trailers & Sidecars – Explore the World

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper

As you are aware there are many riders that love to travel and camp, I am one of them. Many of these adventurous people strap a swag on their Tail Rack.

They may just refer to this as “Swag on Motorbike”. You will usually find these riders sitting around a camp fire enjoying the stars.

Wild N Free

Motorbike Swag

Motorbike Campfire

Off the Ground – Suspended Sleep

If you enjoyed laying on the trampoline when you were a child, perhaps you may prefer to Suspend from the Trees in a Tent Cot Hammock. What a great way to sleep in comfort and provide shelter for your bike.

To see current price and purchase a Tensile Tree Tent: Click Here

Off the Ground – Camp Cot

Another portable option may be a Camp Cot.

Motorcycle Camp Cot

The following video provides a demonstration of how comfortable a Camp Cot can be.

Sidecar Tent Cot

No room on your bike? You may even obtain a little more comfort by placing the Camp Cot on a Sidecar.

Motorcycle Sidecar Camp Cot

Motorcycle Sidecar Camp Cot

Motorcycle Sidecar Camp Cot

Need More Comfort? Perhaps a Camper is the solution

With Motorcycle Camping Sidecars and Motorcycle Camper Trailers you can Explore the World.

How would you like to travel? Haul a Camper Trailer or Haul a Camping Sidecar?

Compact Camper Trailers

Tour-Lite Camping & Leisure

Here is a great example of a Trailer Camper from Tour-Lite Camping & Leisure Trailers. This one is very compact, but large enough to sleep two people, with storage.

To see current price and purchase a Tour-Lite Camping & Leisure Trailer: Click Here

Time Out Trailers

Another example from Time Out Trailers. This clever design will provide more space when camped. Great to sit out of the sun and mosquitoes.

Time Out Motorcycle Camper

Time Out Motorcycle Camper

To see current price and purchase a Time Out Trailer: Click Here

Elite Products

Here is how you can create a large living space from a tiny motorcycle trailer, amazing.

Elite Motorcycle Camper

Although I think I would have to practice setting it up many times before I went camping, I would appreciate the space it can create.

To see current price and purchase an Elite Camper Trailer: Click Here

Bunk House Campers

After the camp trailers I have had, the following camper looks easier to fold and unfold and quite spacious.

Bunk House Camper

To see current price and purchase a Bunkhouse Camper Trailer: Click Here

Caravan Camper Trailers

Teardrop Campers

Now let’s look at Motorcycle Caravans. A lovely shape is the Teardrop Camper.

Teardrop Motorcycle Caravan

This video is a tour of a Teardrop camper that is lived in permanently. Thank you Jaclyn.

To see more about Jaclyn, you may visit her website: Click Here

Like to purchase a Teardrop Camper? Visit Site: Click Here

Folding Caravans

Here is a similar idea. This Propert Caravan is a folding caravan that would make a perfect design for a motorcycle. It just needs to be made a bit smaller, but there is a lot of potential for the right manufacturer.

Wow that was easy to Dis-assemble. Here is a demonstration of the assembly.

9′ Trailer becomes a 12′ Caravan.

Wow. That was truly rapid 🙂

Motorcycle Camp Trailer boat

Perhaps you would prefer this type of Motorcycle Camp Trailer. Sidecar, Caravan and Boat – All in One. Perfect.

Question: What is smaller than a Teardrop Camper, that can still sleep a person?

Answer: Spud!

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Meet Spud

Spud is the creation of Idaho Bedroll.

Prototype 1. I don’t know how to bend ply like this, but I am very impressed.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

I guess you’re wondering how it is big enough to sleep in. Scroll down, you’ll see.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Then came Spud – Prototype II. Dirt Bike wheels were traded in for Camp Trailer Wheels. Nice improvement.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Spud can transform from This………….

Spud Motorcycle Camper

To this…………. Spud is perfect for “Side of the Road” camping.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Spud comes complete with a portable kitchen.

Ride-Stop-Snack-Ride. Easy!

Spud Motorcycle Camper

I love Spud. Small and light enough to take anywhere. Time to see the world!

Spud Motorcycle Camper

It takes a brave person to camp in bear country. Glad we don’t have that problem here in Australia.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Time to relax in comfort.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Now that is a clever idea. Idaho Bedroll are currently working on a production prototype.

To see more photos, visit the Website: Click Here

To Read the Story: Click Here

How about a Sidecar Camper?

Motorcycle Sidecar Campers

Here are some clever ideas to design a sidecar into a camper.

Motorbike Sidecar Camper

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper

Motorbike Sidecar Camper

Motorbike Sidecar Camper

Motorcycle Sidecar Tent

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper

Visit site: Click Here

Personally, I have slept in tents, swags, caravans and camp trailers. I think it would be cool to sleep in a sidecar.

Now, shall I get a Spud? Perhaps a Sidecar Camper. Hmm. It all sounds fun.

Perhaps I should convert my Motorcycle Trailer, instead of carrying wood on it.

Erdie Motorcycle Trailer Carrying Wood

Then I could use my Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar to fetch wood for the fire.

Wheelchair Sidecar Wood

Wheelchair Sidecar Wood

Only Joking, I already have a motorcycle camper.

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2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Camper Trailers & Sidecars – Explore the World

  1. Hi Garen, motorcycle camper trailers cost roughly the same price as car camper trailers. The main difference is weight, motorcycles require much less weight and a smaller trailer. Brakes on the trailer are also a good idea, to avoid the trailer pushing the motorbike forward. I provided a number of examples of camper trailers in the post, but not being sure where you live, you may need to do a search in your country. Sidecar campers are extremely rare and as far as I know, most are homemade. The simplest and least expensive way to begin camping would most likely be a swag or cot tent. If you like it, then perhaps invest in one of the ideas I presented. Happy camping and safe riding. Dave

  2. That is pretty cool that they sell all of these accessories for motorcycles. To be quite honest with you I have been riding motorcycles for about 2 years and didn’t even realize you could buy all these accessories for them.

    I really like the one where you can attach your tent to your motorcycle. I love to camp and never actually thought of going camping and taking my tent (and my girlfriend) or course with me.

    However, I do have a question for you. Where is the best place to get one of these accessories? They are probably pretty expensive, right?

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