Most Compact Motorcycle Teardrop Camper – Idaho Bedroll

Idaho Bedroll Motorcycle Teardrop Camper

Meet Spud

Spud is the creation of Idaho Bedroll.

Prototype 1. I don’t know how to bend ply like this, but I am very impressed.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

I guess you’re wondering how it is big enough to sleep in. Scroll down, you’ll see.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Then came Spud – Prototype II. Dirt Bike wheels were traded in for Camp Trailer Wheels. Nice improvement.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Spud can transform from This………….

Spud Motorcycle Camper

To this…………. Spud is perfect for “Side of the Road” camping.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Spud comes complete with a portable kitchen.

Ride-Stop-Snack-Ride. Easy!

Spud Motorcycle Camper

I love Spud. Small and light enough to take anywhere. Time to see the world!

Spud Motorcycle Camper

It takes a brave person to camp in bear country. Glad we don’t have that problem here in Australia.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Time to relax in comfort.

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Spud Motorcycle Camper

Now that is a clever idea. Idaho Bedroll are currently working on a production prototype.

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      Sometimes simple is best. I agree the Idaho Bedroll is so practical, designed to just get the job done. Thanks for your comment. Have a great day. Dave

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