Mono-Wheel Unicycles – Single Wheel Motorcycles

Riot Wheel Unicycle

There are two types of Single Wheel Motorcycle known by similar names that can sometimes be misunderstood and cause confusion. The most accepted definitions of the two types of motorcycle are shown below.

Mono-wheel Motorcycle (Unicycle): A Mono-wheel Motorcycle is also known as a Unicycle in which the rider sits on top of a Single Wheel.

Ryno Single Wheel Motorcycle

Monocycle: is a Single Wheel Motorcycle in which the rider sits inside the single wheel.

Men in Black Monocycle

In this article we will look at the first design, Mono-Wheel Motorcycles. To read about Monocycles Click Here

Before we look at the benefits of single wheel design, let’s take a look at some examples for better understanding.

Mono-Wheel Motorcycles (Unicycles)

You are truly going to love these Unicycles. Small, Sleek Design, Balanced and Some Being Electric.

Embrio Unicycle

Bombardier Embrio Unicycle

The Embrio unicycle designed by Bombardier weighs 360 lbs (163 kg). This concept vehicle plans to be powered by hydrogen fuel and gyroscopically balanced. A smaller front wheel is used to stabilize the Embrio when it is traveling below 12mph (20 km/hr) or stopped.

Bombardier Mono Wheel unicycle

Bombardier Embrio Mono Wheel Unicycle

The Embrio unicycle is controlled by levers on the handlebars. The lever on the left is used for acceleration, and the right for braking.

Source: Click Here

Visit Bombardier Website: Click Here

RYNO – Electric Mono-wheel Unicycle

Another example of a Mono-wheel motorcycle is the RYNO Unicycle Electric Bike invented and produced by engineers Chris Hoffmann & Tony Ozrelic of Portland Oregon. RYNO an acronym which stands for “Rip You a New One”, and is derived from a video game.

RYNO Electric Single Wheel Motorcycle

Powered by 2 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries that last for 15 miles (24 km), the RYNO weighs 160 lbs (72 kg). Small and light enough to take onto a train or ride on a footpath/sidewalk, the RHYNO travels at a safe speed of 12.5 MPH (20 km/hr).

RYNO uses advanced motion-sensor technology to detect the rider’s input. If the rider leans forward, the bike will accelerate forward. If the rider leans back, the bike will stand up taller and slow down.

Ryno Unicycle

The RYNO does not fall forward or backward, but is held upright by gyro and motion sensors. The rider’s legs are used to prevent the unicycle from tipping over sideways, as is the case with a two wheel motorcycle. Turning the RYNO is achieved by looking and leaning in the direction you want to go.

RYNO Electric Single Wheel Motorcycle

RYNO Electric Single Wheel Motorcycle

Visit RYNO Website: Click Here

I can’t wait to see an 1800cc RYNO.

Uno – Electric Mono-wheel Unicycle

19-year-old Ben J. Poss Gulak, the founder of BPG Werks, has created his own battery powered electric Mono-wheel Unicycle.

Just like the RYNO, it uses gyroscopes for balance and acceleration is achieved by leaning forward and deceleration leaning backward, the further the lean the greater the velocity.

Uno Single Wheel Motorcyle

Uno Single Wheel Motorcyle

Not only is it lighter than the RYNO,129 pounds (58 kg.), it can travel faster with a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/hr).

Transformer Uno is the latest modification that is amazing everyone.

Uno Transformer Single Wheel Motorcycle

Here is another Wild invention from Ben.

Self Balancing Unicycle (SBU) V2.0

The SBU – Self Balancing Unicycle has a 1000 Watt Internal Hub Motor that is powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. The Unicycle can travel 12.5mph (20kph), has a range of 10 miles (16 km) and weighs 27lbs (12.2 kg).

SBU Self Balancing UnicycleSBU - Self Balancing Unicycle
The SBU is controlled by leaning forward to accelerate and leaning back to slow down or stop.

Visit Website: Click Here

The Riot Wheel – Mono-Wheel Unicycle

Unlike anything else in the world, this would have to be the most unusual Mono-wheel Unicycle. Created by Jake Lyall, the Riot Wheel uses a counterweight inside the tractor wheel to counter balance the weight of the rider. Steering is handled by a gyro system and the driver’s shifting weight. The Riot Wheel weighs 1,100 lbs (500 kgs) and can reach. 28 mph (45 km/hr).

Riot Wheel Unicycle

Riot Single Wheel Motorcycle







Riot Monocycles

Perhaps the Riot Wheel will not be so rare in the future.

Riot Wheel Motorcycle

Riot Wheel Motorcycle









Image Source: Second Life

Visit Riot Wheel Website: Click Here

Benefits of Mono-Wheel Motorcycles

Why are there so many people creating Mono-Wheel motorcycles? What are the problems with standard motorcycles?

Well there doesn’t seem to be any problems with standard two wheel motorcycles, however, there are benefits with single wheel motorcycles.

  • save money on rubber tires
  • space saving when in storage or parked
  • increased stability with Segway technology
  • variety by providing an alternative for consumers


I am sure we will be seeing more Mono-wheel Unicycles in the future. To learn about Monocycles, Click Here

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