Armec Sidewinder Leaner Sidecar

Armec Sidewinder Leaner Sidecar

2 thoughts on “Armec-Sidewinder-Leaner-Sidecar

  1. I am interested in buying a leaner for my Suzuki boulevard m50. Where do I buy one ? Who wants to sell me one?

    1. Hi Chad, I would contact Ralph at Kalich as a first option to find out if they will sell a leaner tub separately from the bike.
      Although the website is not in English, Ralph does speak English.
      Also you will find used sidecars here:

      You can have a sidecar to fit your particular bike here: Other sidecars – You want a particular sidecar model for your motorcycle? Ask us, we strive to fulfil your wishes!

      Good luck Chad, I hope I have provided some good ideas. With the right engineer I imagine you could adjust any rigid sidecar to lean. Have a great day. Dave

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