Larry’s BMW R1200C – Leaner Sidecar Project


Bike make/model

BMW R1200C, ABS Brakes, R Series


BMW Leaner Sidecar

Make/Model and Details of Sidecar Tub?

Thompson Cyclecar from the early 70s, Built in California.

Fibreglass, aluminum (aluminium) wrapped, Steel Sheet wrapped etc?

It’s wedge shaped fibreglass, very low in the front and looks like it will have great clearance for a leaner.

Thank you Mark from Florida Sidecar Products for identifying the tub.



BMW Leaner Sidecar

Sidecar Tub Design – Tandem/Single?

Single Passenger

Sidecar Frame Type and Measurements – (Square/Round Tubing, Aluminium/Steel)?

It is a Round Tube Frame that has been sand blasted , all unnecessary holes welded up and ground smooth. Then a coat of sealer.

With the wheel installed the frame sits much higher then I want (12 inches plus), so some modifying is needed to get it down to the 6 inches I’m looking for.


BMW Leaner Sidecar

BMW Leaner Sidecar

BMW Leaner Sidecar

My next step will be to mock up the motorcycle and sidecar and start getting measurements.

Yesterday I installed tie down points to secure my motorcycle at 50 degrees to get lean in measurements and clearance for lean in.

Rear mount ground clearance measurement?

Front Mount Ground Clearance measurement?

Motorcycle Sub-chassis details (Square/Round Steel Tubing, Aluminum etc) and attachment to motorcycle (High Tensile steel, lock nuts etc)?

Has no lower frame I will have to mount to the engine and transmission. I have been studying the bottom of the cycle and any ideas and suggestions that can be offered would be appreciated. I have noted from the videos on your site that R series BMWs seem to be one of the more popular choice. I haven’t found any clear pictures of the mounting though.

Total Width of Combination lean in?

Total Width of Combination lean out?

Distance between sidecar and bike?

Sidecar Tire (tyre) Speed, Weight Rating?

3.00×19, 130mph rated tire.

Sidecar Rim details, diameter, rim width etc?

The wheel is a 19×2.75

Suspension Type (Shock Absorber/Swing arm/Torsion) on sidecar wheel?

Shock Absorber

Pivot Attachment to Motorcycle, (Rose Bush, Heim Joint, Rod End etc)?

Sidecar brake details if fitted, drum/disc, plumbed to motorcycle rear or front brake cylinder?

Brake Not Fitted

Modifications/Adjustments During the Build?

Larry’s Updated Photos

BMW Leaner Motorcycle Sidecar


BMW Leaner Motorcycle Sidecar

BMW Leaner Motorcycle Sidecar

BMW Leaner Motorcycle Sidecar

Photos of the End Product

Watch this space

What is it like to own a Leaner:

Comment below if you would like to tell others about owning a Leaner Sidecar

What is it like to ride a leaner in comparison to a rigid sidecar combo?

What is it like to ride a leaner in comparison to a solo bike?

Does the sidecar try to overtake your bike when slowing down with a passenger?

Does it fall behind you if you accelerate fast?

Do you need to adjust the tow-in when changing from passenger to empty?

Do you remove the leaner and ride as a solo?

Have you removed one indicator from the rear of the motorcycle to avoid confusion for other road users?

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4 thoughts on “Larry’s BMW R1200C – Leaner Sidecar Project

  1. Tony says:

    I have an R1200c and would like to fit a sidecar. My wife would feel much more comfortable riding in a sidecar. Any idea where I could buy one or even find plans and specs so I can make it a project?

  2. Larry Shaw says:

    Hi Dave,
    Mystery solved. Mark Withun from Florida Sidecar Products E-Mailed
    today with the information I have been searching for.
    What I have is a Thompson Cyclecar from the early 70s
    Built in California.
    The project continues,

    • admin says:

      Woo Hoo, thank you Larry for sharing that great news 🙂 We look forward to following you on your Leaner build. Dave

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