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Motorcycle Accident Disability

On September 4th, 2009, Brian Kinney from Columbus Ohio became paralyzed from the chest down, (T1 complete) spinal cord injury, in a motorcycle accident after a car ran him off road sending him head first into a tree.

Brian Kinney Helmet

“My life has forever changed but thanks to a Shoei helmet, I still have my mind…something I couldn’t live with out in this condition”.

Brian Discovers Lee Beaver – Return to the Bike

After the injury, Brian discovered Lee Beaver on Youtube, who is also a paraplegic and uses Firgelli Automation actuators to create unique custom motorcycle landing gear kits for paralyzed riders.

Linear Actuator Paraplegic Motorcycle

To learn more about the Linear Actuator – Visit Rigelli Automation: Visit Firgelli Auto

The landing gear kit helps stabilize the bike as it comes to a stop. Lee invented the landing gear after he became paralyzed from the waist down in an off track motorcycle race when he was 17. He used his passion for racing to overcome his situation and build a product to help him and others, like Brian, who have lost the use of their legs return to riding.

Lee Beaver’s Video

12 News Lee Beaver Story: Watch Video


The Lee Beaver Landing Gear incorporates a switch on the right handlebar to operate a Linear Actuator which raises and lowers the landing gear (Mechanical Legs).

Brian says it is unbelievably stable. Once he is rolling, he hits the switch on the right hand control and the Landing Gear raises.

Everyone was amazed that only 4 months after Brian’s accident, he was back at work and driving again. His love for riding never faded after his accident and his goal was to get back on his bike.

Brian modified the same bike he was riding when had the accident, his 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 650 R, to enable him to ride again.

Kawasaki Ninja

Brian installed an electric 2 button switch on the left handlebar to operate an electric shift solenoid, which shifts the motorcycle gears up and down. Brian welded a bracket inside the swing arm to allow the solenoid to be mounted behind the faring out of the way of his left foot, rather than mounting it externally as in most cases. The rear brake is activated using the thumb on his left hand.

Foot Pegs were replaced with Running Boards covered with grip tape, and velcro leg straps were necessary to keep his knee against the fuel tank. Brian also installed handlebar risers, to create a touring upright position, to reduce shoulder and arm pain and fitted mirror extenders.

How it Works

Riding with Landing Gear – Experience the Freedom

Brian’s other videos:

Visit Brian: Click Here

Other Example Videos

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