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Haul N Ride was created to enable the sharing of information and projects to benefit others.

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Established in 2012 Haul N Ride began with a focus on Accessible Motorcycles

The Homepage looked very different back then as you will see in the screenshot below.

Haul N Ride 6th Birthday

Haul N Ride Changed a lot in the next 5 Years

Disability Modifications and Wheelchair Accessibility continued on Haul N Ride and was renamed…

Ability Motorcycles

Haul N Ride added Innovation and Inventions in the world of motorcycles.

Improvements in Performance and Safety is moving forward at an accelerated rate which you will see as you read on.

Haul N Ride remains at the cutting edge of advancements and changes in the industry.

An Ever-changing Website

Haul N Ride has evolved into an amazing home of advancement in technology and safety and a place you can learn about great inventions in accessories; With Haul N Ride you can truly enjoy the motorcycle experience.

Haul N Ride 6th Birthday

A Visit to Haul N Ride and you will discover that “Motorcycles Love Water”

Not only can motorcycles

ride on water

Aquatic Motorbikes – All Terrain

they can also

run on water (HHO)

Running Motorcycles on Water – HHO

And what about sidecars and trikes?

On Haul N Ride You’ll Discover…


Leaner Sidecars

Leaner Sidecar Combination – Bike Leans and Sidecar Doesn’t

Paralellogram Sidecars

Parallel Sidecar Combination – Sidecar Wheel and Motorcycle Lean – Passenger Doesn’t

Rigid Sidecars

Rigid Sidecars (Hacks) – Neither the Bike or Sidecar Leans

Flexible and Tilting Sidecars

Flexible Sidecar Combination – Both the Bike and Sidecar Lean

and this is only touching the surface of Haul N Ride…


Forward Trikes

Forward Trikes – Simply Stunning

Reverse Trikes

Reverse Trikes – Are they a Safer Option?

Cargo Trikes

Motorcycle Reverse Cargo Trike – Lifan MGB Delivery 50


World’s Largest  & Fastest Trikes

World’s Largest and Fastest – Trikes Gone Wild

Tilting Trikes

KSG Trike – The Future of Tilting Trikes


and that’s just trikes.


Mono Cycles

Monocycles – Single Wheel Motorcycles

and Mono Wheel Unicycles

Mono-Wheel Unicycles – Single Wheel Motorcycles



These are amazing Single Wheel Motorcycles, but….


Motorcycles can even fly

Hover Bikes

Hoverbikes – Drone Style Flying Motorcycles


Gyrocopters – Helicopter Style Flying Motorcycles

and Glider Bikes

Gliderbikes – Hang Glider Flying Motorcycles

Even Basic Design is changing rapidly…



Motoinno TS3

we even see the front forks completely replaced with a swing arm design

Motoinno TS3- Motorcycle Front Suspension Innovation


All Wheel Drive

AWD allows a motorcycle’s front wheel to pull the bike over logs and through rough terrain.

All Wheel Drive Motorcycles – AWD Dirtbikes


Riding Gear and Motorcycle Safety is moving so rapidly, it’s hard to keep up

Helmets have really moved us into the future

Augmented Reality – Head Up Display, Rear View Helmets, Glowing Helmets, Brake Light for your Helmet, Ear Muffs Sound Protection



Smart Helmets – Tomorrows Helmets Here Today

where will it end.

If I could put my order in, I would like to see Visor Wipers or something to clear the visor from rain.

Yes I know some gloves have a thumb wiper blade, but I want a helmet wiper 🙂


Innovation in Riding Gear & Safety

Innovation in Safety and Comfort has made riding a bike in all conditions comparable with driving a car.

Airbag Jackets

Compare Motorcycle Airbag Clothing – Riding Gear Review

Heated Clothing,


Heated Motorcycle Jacket Review – Product Comparison


Power, Camping and Design

Innovation in Engines is Out of Control

Aircraft Radial Engines

Radial Engine Motorcycles – Past to Present

Diesel & Steam

Steam Punk – Medieval meets the Wild West

and Electric bikes

Newron Motors – Stylish Wooden Electric Motorcycles

Motorcycles Also Love Camping

Sidecar Campers & Trailers

Motorcycle Camper Trailers & Sidecars – Explore the World

Teardrop Campers

Camp Cots and Sky Tents

Motorcyclist Freedom – Skysurf Tree Tents

and even our favourite “Spud”.


Most Compact Motorcycle Teardrop Camper – Idaho Bedroll

Dark Siders

are buying up all the car tires and getting 4 times the mileage.

The Dark Side – The Love of Car Tires on Motorcycles



Bikes No Longer Require a Kick Stand to Hold them up!

Autonomous Robotic Motorcycle – Self Balancing BMW

Honda Riding Assist – Concept Self Balancing Motorcycle

Disability Modifications and Projects –  Haul N Ride

Clicking the Disability Link in the main menu will take you directly to

Ability Motorcycles

Ability Motorcycles Wheelchair access amputee

Ability Sidecars – Three Accessibility Options

and this is only touching the surface of Ability Motorcycles…

Wheelchair Access, Modified Controls for Paraplegic and Disabled Riders and even Prosthetic solutions for Amputees.


With Ability Motorcycles, there is no reason to sell your bike even if you have a bad hip.


Ability Motorcycles – With Adapted Bikes there is no disability.


Hmmmm. I wonder what amazing inventions 2020 and beyond will bring to our Amazing World of Motorcycling?


Loop Wheels on Motorcycles

Loopwheels on Motorcycles – Inner Wheel Suspension


Liddiard Motorcycle Rims?

Innovative Wheels & Tires – Liddiard Motorcycle Rims?

A Bit About Me – Creator of Haul N Ride and Ability Motorcycles

As a Motorcycle Driving Instructor I helped many students learn to ride safely and obtain a licence.

I share my safety tips, advice and instruction on Haul N Ride.

Insider Secrets – From a Motorcycle Driving Instructor

Dave Haul N Ride


MISSION: To assist people to enjoy riding a motorcycle either as a passenger or rider and to share the many unusual and practical motorcycle inventions, either on-road, off-road, on-the-water or in-the-air. Dave


Having a daughter in a wheelchair and investigating options to include her in family rides, I discovered Wheelchair Accessible Sidecars are the most affordable option.


I built my daughter a wheelchair accessible sidecar.


I wanted to share my build on the Internet to inspire and help others in a similar situation.


Over time the website just grew into one of the Internets most interesting websites with very unusual creations and inventions.


One of the most simple modifications is the Leaner Sidecar. I first discovered via

Kalich Leaner Sidecars.


Motorcycles are Designed to Lean – To Lean is Safer

 I would love to create, perhaps the world’s first, Wheelchair Accessible Leaner Sidecar.

Kalich Leaner Sidecar

Browsing through Haul N Ride you will discover…

Anything Unusual, Creative and Unique

Innovation is what Haul N Ride is all about!

Three Wheel Motorcycle

Ryno UniMotorcycle

A Place to Share Passion, Experience and Knowledge

Haul N Ride is a website that gathers as much information on alternative and unusual motorcycles and the sharing of projects with others.

Finding information such as How to Attach a Sidecar, How to Align a Sidecar, Tow-in and Lean-in, can be time consuming and difficult.

Haul N Ride can assist people with their motorcycle projects and discover the latest innovation and technological improvements in the industry.

I welcome comments and sharing on Haul N Ride.

Together we can share our projects, create an online resource, assist other motorcycle enthusiasts and learn from each other.

Our Family

After 3 years of hard work and persistence, we completed our Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar Rigid Hack.

Next project – BMW Wheelchair Accessible Leaner Sidecar 🙂

If you would like to see the entire build of the FJ1200 Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar Combination I built for my daughter, click the link below.

Shanniah’s Story – From Hiring to Building a Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar

If you have insufficient funds to build your dream project and would like extra funds to help you?

Click Below.

Wheelchair Accessible Project Funding


If you ever need a hand or have something to share, please feel free to leave your comment below and I will be more than happy to share your passion with Haul N Ride visitors.

Ride Safe,


Contact: Email


  1. joseph fish says:

    Hello, Can someone tell me what size the threads are on the HEIM JOINT ? They look to be about 1″, I want to know I’ll have sufficient strength.

  2. Lincoln says:

    I’m looking information or suggestions on mounting a vetter sidecar to a Suzuki M109r, I know that the Vetter has a Mid frame design, so I can’t mount the sidecar frame with out using a drop mount to attach to the bike, I’ve made a lower frame bracket for the motorcycle, and I’ve purchased a kit from DMC, for the sidecar, and it came with universal mounting system, but i have to mount them at a different angle to allow them to be used, I can provide pictures if needed.

  3. Dave says:

    Thanks for you comment Shahn, I would love some photos of your ride, If you would like to share with Haul N Ride 🙂 By saying Victorian sidecar, does that mean it was made in Victoria, British Columbia?
    Your jewellery is amazing, you are so gifted.
    I wonder if when your leaner is pushing to the right on deceleration could be due to incorrect Toe-in alignment?
    Another idea, how far is your wheel lead?
    I imagine if a sidecar axle and motorcycle rear axle are were in line, this could be an issue. So depending on the wheel lead measurement, may alter its stability on deceleration.
    Like with any sidecar combination, there is always a need to make finer adjustments.
    How old is your sidecar? Did you build it yourself?
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Shahn says:

      Hi Dave
      Thanks for the reply, Victoria Leaner Sidecar is the search term to find the YouTube video of me driving down the street and showing the pivots in action.
      I use the sidecar for work, I did not want a rigid unit and destroy my ridding experience.
      The position of the wheel is not the same as a rigid sidecar, the toe in and camber in this case are also not the same, there actually is none.
      When the bike is on a level flat surface and perfectly upright the sidecar is in line, otherwise the sidecar is in either headed into a left or right turn position. The geometry of the mounts steer the sidecar as you lean, if I straddle the bike and lean left and then right the sidecar arcs left and right.
      It was an experiment building it and a little of a head scratch as I set it up with the bike on it’s side stand, good thing I thought it through prior to welding?.
      On acceleration depending on the road angle of course the sidecar has weight so it pulls, also it is a Box so wind resistance also could play into that. The push left on deceleration is also the weight of the sidecar, if it had a brake proportioned off the rear of the bike that could be taken care of.
      In my application going to the market it is awesome and serves it’s purpose at the same time as being a lot of fun.
      There are a few pictures here of the unit set up for sales of my jewellery.

      • Dave says:

        Hi Shahn, now I realize that I was showing your motorcycle video on this Webpage:
        It is such a useful video to help potential builders understand the Pivots.
        I absolutely love your business/sidecar setup and umbrellas.
        I find it very interesting that you do not have toe-in.

        It sounds like a good idea to add a sidecar brake and I think a Proportioning Valve would be useful between the sidecar rear brake cylinder and the sidecar brake.
        The Proportional Valve may allow you to make fine adjustments to control the weight on acceleration/deceleration.
        Thank you for sharing your story and photos with Haul N Ride.
        Have an aweswome day. Dave

  4. Shahn says:

    Beautiful web page, very nicely put together. I am the owner operator builder of the Victoria Leaner Sidecar. I use it at Bastion Square Public Market in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada every summer to transport display and sell my Custom Hand Crafted Sterling and Stainless jewelry that I build. May 3, 2018 Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through til the end of September 2018 , 11AM til 5 PM come and have a look.
    The bike is awesome to ride, lane changes either way left or right happen in the blink of an eye. The bike pulls right on acceleration but if you throttle hard and fast you don’t have to care. On deceleration it pushes the bike right so you have to counter steer, no big deal as long as you are paying attention. Sincerely
    Shahn Torontow

  5. Dave says:

    Hi Julia, if a person is wheelchair bound, it doesn’t take long to realize how non accessible this world can be. Likewise if you are the parent or carer of that person, you also become aware and want to change whatever you can to improve their circumstance and promote inclusion.

    It was a very difficult journey that few have traveled to complete the accessible sidecar project, but I can’t begin to explain how much it was worth it.

    If you have the time, take a look at the photos and you will see by the smile on my daughter’s face, it was worth it 🙂

    Thank you for your kind comments. Have an amazing day. Dave

  6. Julia says:

    Wow, I absolutely love it! I can’t say that I am a motorcycle enthusiast, but I love everything unusual and creative thinking. I like the idea of full inclusion. Who said that people using wheelchair can’t ride a motorbike? Why not? Dave @ Haul N Ride and friends will prove them wrong! Such sidecar hasn’t been built yet – Dave @ Haul N Ride and like-minded people will build it! I love such attitude, I love such project. I love unstoppable people when the intention is so pure and end-result is invaluable. What can be more precious than a family time together – no matter what limitations members may have? This is an excellent project! And all other unusual motorbike models seem like a lot of fun. 🙂

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