Hydrostatic and Hydraulic Driven Motorcycles

Honda DN-01 Hydrostatic Motorcycle

Hydraulic motorcycles do not require a chain, belts, shaft drive or gear drive transmission

To understand why, we need to understand how a hydraulic drive system works.


A hydraulic Drive System (hydrostatic drive) is a type of transmission that uses the rotational motion of an engine to build hydraulic oil pressure in a Hydraulic Pump, to power a Hydraulic Motor using the transferring of energy from pressure differences within the pump and hoses. The hydraulic motor then powers the wheels of the vehicle.

The following video will explain an Open Loop and Closed Loop Hydrostatic Drive System.

Open Loop Hydrostatic Driven Motorcycle

Using a Hydraulic System in a motorcycle using an Open Loop System, you would control speed with a handlebar twist grip that operates a Flow Control to restrict the oil flow from the pump outlet hose. Forward/Reverse would be achieved by operating a Bypass Valve.

The only obstacle that needs to be addressed is that reverse can be as fast as forward, so a safety feature needs to be installed to restrict flow in this position.

Closed Loop Hydrostatic Driven Motorcycle

A Hydraulic System in a motorcycle that uses a Closed Loop System, you would control forward speed with a handlebar twist grip operating the the Pump Lever (swash plate) with the usual twist throttle accelerate movement and reverse could be achieved by twisting the throttle grip in the opposite direction beyond the neutral position.

2 Wheel Drive and Single Wheel Drive Hydrostatic Transmission Motorcycles

Hydraulic Motorcycles in most cases use a diesel engine to drive the hydraulic pump.

Here is an example of a 2 Wheel Hydrostatic Driven Motorcycle.

Here is an example of a Single Wheel Hydrostatic Driven Motorcycle.

Concept and Production Motorcycles

Honda produced two motorcycles with a Hydraulic Drive System that use a Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump.

These bikes were the Honda DN-01 and the Evo6 Concept Motorcycle.

The DN-01 was produced between 2008-2010 powered by a 680cc Transalp V-twin engine.

Honda DN-01 Hydrostatic Motorcycle

It is important to note that these Honda rear wheels are shaft driven. Here is an illustration of the Continuous Various Transmission of the DN-01.

Honda DN-01 Hydrostatic Transmission

Honda renamed this Hydrostatic Drive as Human Friendly Transmission (which is a Continually Variable Transmission). This is because it does not use gears and is therefore a Shiftless Transmission (human friendly).

The 2007 Evo6 was powered by an 1832cc OHC Horizontally Opposed (Flat 6) 6 cylinder Goldwing motor.


EVO6 Hydrostatic Driven Motorcycle

Meet the “Pride Fighter” Naked Hydrostatic Motorcycle


Home Made Example

View Photos and Read About it here: https://thekneeslider.com/hydrostatic-drive-diesel-motorcycle/

And then watch the video:

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