Heated Motorcycle Jacket Review – Product Comparison

Heated Motorcycle Jackets

Following the popularity of our 5 Manufacturer Comparison of Heated Motorcycle Gloves, Haul N Ride will now review 4 Manufacturers of Heated Motorcycle Jackets and Vests.

In the Haul N Ride review of heated gloves, we definitely covered the most important clothing first. Fingers and toes always are the most susceptible to extreme cold temperatures due to the distance our blood has to travel from the heart. However, we should not disregard keeping the torso warm also.

Australian Beach Relaxing


If your understanding of Australia is warm sunny beaches as shown in the brochures, then let me introduce you to another side or Australia.






Australia Does Get Cold

Open Fireplace


I have experienced “Shiver” in my stomach that was most probably the beginnings of hyperthermia.





I was so cold that on a 300 km (185 mile) trip my stomach shiver was so extreme, I had to stop at a tavern. Although only 50 km (30 miles) from home I needed to stand by an open fire place to thaw out.

My mind was saying “it’s not that much longer and you’ll be home”, my body was screaming out, “I’M FREEZING”.

Australia can reach temperatures of −8.0 °C (17.6 °F), but 0 °C (32 °F) is more common. Whereas the US can reach -17 °C (1.4 °F). So I guess in comparison Australia is generally a warm climate. However, as you just read, when riding a motorbike in the rain in winter at highway speeds, cold can creep up on you.

Why do we ride motorcycles? To enjoy the ride. And being warm is an important part of this enjoyment.

Tethered: This is a 12 volt option that powers your jacket, vest or liner from the motorcycle battery.

Hybrid: This option allows you to connect gloves into the sleeve of a heated jacket liner.

Battery Packs: This option allows rechargeable batteries to be located in the jacket, vest or liner.

You will be surprised how affordable heated jackets and vests are considering the extra benefit they offer in winter. If you will be riding for long hours every day touring a country, tethered would be the best choice. whereas if you only ride once a week for a couple of hours, then non-tethered would be the best option.


4 Manufacturers Compared

Haul N Ride will review the following Heated Clothing manufacturers:

Gears Canada


Product Features Compared

The Haul N Ride comparison will review a Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket, a Padded/Armoured Jacket, a Vest and a Jacket Liner from each manufacturer (if available), reviewing the following features:

Temperature Control

Harness to Bike

Hybrid Option

Battery Pack

Elbow Armour

Shoulder Armour

Back Armour

Inner Lining


Adjustable Waist

Protective Padding




1. Gerbing Heated Clothing

As stated in the Haul N Ride Heated Glove Review, Gerbing are undoubtedly the market leaders in Electric Heated Clothing. Their collection of heated motorcycle gear includes heated gloves, heated trousers, heated jackets and heated socks.

Every item in the range is designed to increase both comfort and safety when riding in cold conditions, and available in both 12 volt and 7 volt options. The other great feature of Gerbing is that they standby their technology by offering a lifetime warranty on their Microwire heating elements.

Gerbing Heated Soft Shell Jacket

This is a nice lightweight heated jacket for women. This jacket is Stand-Alone because it does not connect to the motorcycle battery. With this jackets style, comfort and wearable technology, combined with its lightweight and breathable soft shell, make it the perfect riding winter jacket.

The jacket has a Monkey Paw Sleeve which means it has a hole in the end of the sleeve to put your thumb through. This helps keep the sleeves down, keep your wrist and hand warm and blocks the wind from going up your sleeve. The jacket is fitted with quality YKK zippers throughout.

Being a stylish and comfortable jacket with the bonus of heating, you may find yourself wearing this jacket to winter sports or mountain climbing. This is a major advantage of not requiring connection to a motorcycle battery.

Haul N Ride Gerbing Heated Jacket Rating

Motorcycle Heated Gerbing Jacket


To check the current price and grab yourself a Gerbing Heated Women’s Jacket: View Product



Gerbing Men’s Padded Heated Motorcycle Jacket

Made from Cordura and having a sporty style, the Hybrid LT Jacket boasts ballistic-grade Cordura in the shoulders and elbows, and removable armor throughout. Add in Gerbing’s patented Microwire Heat Technology and you’ll get that soothing blanket of warmth Gerbing’s is known for.

Range of sizes for women and men.

Haul N Ride Gerbing Heated Jacket Rating

Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Jacket


Sizes Available: Small Regular

Check the current price and grab yourself a Gerbing Men’s Heated Motorcycle Jacket: View Product



Gerbing Motorcycle Heated Vest UNISEX

This heated vest is by far the most economic way to keep the core warm. And that is what heated clothing is supposed to do, to keep the vital organs inside your body warm.

If your body temperature drops by 1 °C, your reaction time will drop by 10%. Knowing this, if you are riding your bike in the cold, the Gerbing heated vest is not only a luxury product but also a safety product!

The heated vest is a nice slim fitting model made from soft shell fabric, a very stylish vest with extra luxurious soft Tricot Lining in the neck area. With a nice luxury looking soft shell fabric, the vest also features inside and outside pockets.

A jacket liner has heated sleeves which will be an advantage if you have a large fitting jacket, whereas if you have a tight fitting (leather) jacket, the heated jacket liner may become too bulky. So if you current jacket has tight fitting sleeves, a heated vest would be a better option.

Haul N Ride Gerbing Heated Vest Rating


Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Vest



To check the current price and grab yourself a Gerbing Motorbike Hot Vest: View Product




Gerbing Jacket Liner

This jacket liner utilizes Gerbing’s Microwire® Heating Technology consisting of micro-sized heating fibers to send heat to pads on the chest, back, collar and sleeves, to surround the body with warmth even in the coldest conditions.

Both inside and outside pockets provide valuable storage space and the silk soft micro denier collar provides additional rider comfort. Designed to fit snugly and easily under outer garments for optimal performance and ideal for upgrading from a jackets existing thermal liner.

So confident are Gerbing about their technology they offer a lifetime warranty on the heating elements/wiring.

Haul N Ride Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner Rating


Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner



Check the current price and grab yourself a Gerbing’s Heated Motorcycle Thinsulate Liner Jacket: View Product




2. Venture Heated Clothing


The Venture Escape Soft Shell Heated Jacket was inspired for any lifestyle and built for the harshest of climates. The entire jacket is lined with an ultra soft plush fleece which not only traps the natural body heat but also takes comfort to another level.

The Micro-alloy Heating Element Panels have been redesigned with a thinner mesh overlay which allow for maximum efficient heat transfer and safety. On those wintry cold days, the heated Soft Shell Jacket is also water resistant and windproof so you will not feel the cold.

Haul N Ride Venture Heated Jacket Rating


Heated Venture Motorcycle Jacket


Check the current price and grab yourself a Venture Escape Heated Jacket: View Product



Venture Heated Vest

The Motorcycle Grand Touring Heated Vest Liner is the complete package for your ride. It is the most versatile heated vest on the market.

Featuring hair-thin flexible heating elements that wrap-around the collar and large back and chest panels to keep your entire core warm. Plus, the heated vest has a built-in temperature controller designed to slide out from under your outerwear, enabling you to easily adjust the 3 heat settings while riding.

Constructed with a waterproof breathable Soft Shell, this heated vest is the perfect mid-layer.  The modern design is accentuated by the flexible side paneling and a longer tail for extra coverage.

Haul N Ride Venture Heated Vest Rating

Venture Heated Motorcycle Vest

Venture Heated Motorcycle Vest


Check the current price and grab yourself a Venture Motorcycle Heated Vest: View Product



Venture Heated Jacket Liner

Venture Heat’s 12V Heated Jacket Liner is a dream come true for any motorcycle rider taking on the elements. This lightweight jacket with a slim, form-fitting design is windproof and water-blocking to help protect you from the cold weather.

Its slim design, and form-fitting construction allow you to wear this jacket liner underneath your regular riding jacket.

With a built-in 4-temperature controller, you can dial in the perfect micro-climate as you need it, when you need it the entire duration of your ride with just the touch of a button.

This heated jacket also features a wireless remote which can be attached to your handlebars so that you can control the heat without ever having to take your eyes off of the road. Pick up your 12V heated jacket liner today and start enjoying your rides even more!

Haul N Ride Venture Heated Jacket Liner Rating

Venture Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner



Check the current price and grab yourself a Venture 12V Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner: View Product




3. Firstgear Heated Clothing

Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner

The classic Heated Jacket Liner that’s been keeping riders and passengers warm for years. Available in men’s and women’s specific fits and form-fitted to be worn close to the body for optimal heat transfer.

The Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner is built to be temperature neutral to allow wearing when active heating isn’t necessary. Heating elements on back, shoulders, sleeves, stomach and chest, this jacket packs into it’s own zippered pouch.

Haul N Ride Firstgear Jacket Liner Rating


Firstgear Women Motorcycle Jacket Liner


Check the current price and grab yourself a Firstgear Women’s Jacket Liner: View Product



FirstGear Mens Motorcycle Jacket Liner


For the Men’s Firstgear Jacket Liner: View Product




4. Gears Canada Heated Clothing

Gears Heated Vest

Keeps you warm when you are a spectator at a game, on a hunt, enjoying a walk on a cold winter day or indulging in active sports like skiing or snowboarding. Also great choice to wear underneath a motorcycle jacket and may assist in managing a medical condition that requires extra warmth.

The GEN X-3 Heated vest is ergonomically designed to fit the body snuggly, provides extra warmth and has the important two easily accessible front side pockets to store your wallet or other essentials.

The Heating Elements heat the entire vest including the front, back and collar and works best when worn over a T-shirt and under a Jacket. The vest has two input connection points (fixed on the inside left side panel) so the Vest and Gloves heat can be controlled individually (If connected with dual switch cord or dual temperature controller).

Haul N Ride Gears Canada Heated Vest Rating

Gears Heated Motorcyle Vest


Check the current price and grab yourself a Gears Canada Gen X-4 Heated Riding Vest: View Product



Gears Heated Jacket Liner

The men’s Gen X-4 Heated Jacket Liner features an external zippered pocket on the front chest and the women’s jacket features two front side pockets and a female-specific tapered fit. The entire liner is heated, including the front, back and collar.

Haul N Ride Gears Canada Heated Jacket Liner Rating

Gears Motorccle Heated Jacket Liner


Check the current price and grab yourself a Gears Canada Men’s Gen X-4 Heated Jacket Liner: View Product




Gears Canada Women Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner


For the Women’s Gears Gen X-4 Heated Jacket Liner: View Product




Heated Motorcycle Clothing Comparison Results

Haul N Ride Best Buy Product Ratings

Haul N Ride Heated Motorcycle Jacket Rating

Gerbing has earnt the Haul N Ride Rating of 13 out of 14 for the Gerbing Heated Padding Jacket.


Gerbing only lost one point for not providing a leather shell. However, neither did the competitors offer leather.

Haul N Ride Overall Manufacturer Best Product Range Ratings

Haul N Ride Best Manufacturer Rating

Impressive results. It looks like the competition are eating Gerbing’s Dust. Gerbing deserve a Overall Manufacturer for Best Product Range Rating of 26, almost double the closest competitor.

With Gerbing winning the Haul N Ride Best Overall Manufacturer Rating for Motorcycle Gloves I think the results speak for themselves. It appears Gerbing provide the most features such as warranty on heating elements, options for power supply, safety features, styling and comfort.

I hope you have enjoyed this motorcycle heated jacket/vest manufacturer comparison and product review from Haul N Ride. The aim was to assist you with the difficult task of comparing products to select the right clothing for your winter rides.

Make sure your whole body is warm during the winter months and enjoy your ride in comfort. You may also like:

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