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Handlebar Throttle Grip Locks & Disc Locks – Motorcycle Security Anti-theft

Buy Motorcycle Handlebar Throttle Grip Lock

You may be aware of Motorcycle Disc Locks, but have you heard about Handlebar Throttle Grip Locks.

Locking the front wheel prevents embarrassing falls of your bike if pushed forward while parked. This is achieved via a Throttle Grip Lock by activating the front brake, preventing moving of the bike.

A Throttle Grip Lock has the added benefit of not requiring you to bend down to the wheel to unlock a Disc Lock and keeps dirt or street grime off your fingers.

A Grip Lock is Simple to Use, Lightweight and Portable, and with Built-in Stainless Steel Wire to deter thieves attempting to cut through it with a saw, they are a great addition to your saddlebag.

Locking the front wheel with either a Grip Lock or Disc Lock, will prevent the motorcycle from being pushed off the center or side stand, and minimize the risk of your bike being loaded onto a trailer.

Scroll below and discover how many options are available, including Alarmed Disc Locks

A Motorcycle Brake Disc Wheel Lock is a great idea. but what if you Forget it is Installed and Begin Riding Away?

That is where you use a Remind Cable to prevent this occurring. The alarm usually packs a massive 100 db connected to a Remind Cable.

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