Gyrocopters – Helicopter Style Flying Motorcycles

Motorcycle Gyrocopter

Motorcycle Technology – Three Types

Flying Motorcycles are currently being developed using three basic designs. Gliderbikes, Hoverbikes and Gyrocopters.



Flying Motorcycle Hang Glider



Gliderbikes consist of a motorcycle/hang glider combination.


Flying Motorcycle Drone



Hoverbikes are Manned Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) and describe a motorcycle driven by propellers. Hoverbikes can have Counter-rotating propellers (two propellers), Tricopters (three propellers), Quadcopters (four propellers) and Octocopters (eight propellers).

Flying Motorcycle Helicopter




Gyrocopters consist of a motorcycle/gyrocopter combination.


Gyrocopters (Gyroplanes) – Motorcycle Helicopter Combination

The first Gyrocopter was invented in the 1920s and was then called an Autogyro. Gyrocopters are unlike Helicopters in that the rotor above the rider uses autorotation. As the motorcycle moves forward, the unpowered rotor begins to rotate and create lift.


By Felix König – Own work, CC BY 3.0,…

Let’s Take a Look at a Gyrocopter in Action

Here is a video of a Suzuki GSXR 750 motorcycle engine, being used to power a Gyrocopter.

The Super Sky Cycle – Gyrocopter Flying Motorcycle

Larry Neal has developed a Gyrocopter with the aim of creating the look of a motorcycle. The Super Sky Cycle is driven by a 912ULS 100-HP four-stroke Rotax aircraft engine. The Super Sky Cycle can reach 55 mph (88 km/hr) on the road and over 100 mph (160 km/hr) in flight.

Time to see the Super Sky Cycle in action

Featured on Hacked Gadgets

PAL-V – Flying Car? Flying Trike? Gyrocopter?

Not sure which is the best description, but I like the PAL-V.

The Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL) has a unique feature. The rear propeller and the overhead rotor both fold, allowing it to travel on the highway. I also love the way it counter steers while in motorcycle mode.

Pal-V offers Flight Simulator Training prior to flying.

Where to Purchase: Click Here

Gyrobike Project Underway

G2 Gyrocopter



Former Air Pilot and Inventor Dezso Molnar began creating a Gyrobike 2006.



Dezso named this first single seat flying motorcycle GT1. The GT1 ran a 650 cc, single cylinder 4 stroke Rotax aircraft engine able to reach 100 mph (160 km/hr) on the road.

Dezso’s current double seat G2 runs a Suzuki 4 cylinder, 4stroke GSX-R1000
motorcycle engine able to reach 138 mph (205 km/hr) and weighs 600 lbs (270 kg).

The G2 leans enabling it to counter steer up to 40 degrees.

A Closer Look at this Dream Build

What I love the most about the Molnar G2 is that the length reduces the tipping forward and backward effect and that the propeller is in front of the engine, minimizing the risk of an engine part breaking a prop blade in flight.

Visit Website:

Benefits of Gyrocopters

Gyrocopters solve the problem faced when attempting to find a way to fly a motorcycle. Here are some benefits of Gyrocopters

  • can fly over water
  • do not require updraft to obtain lift
  • easily to operate
  • can modify a standard motorcycle


Disadvantages of Gyrocopters

Here are some disadvantages of this style of flying motorcycle

  • complex and expensive to build in comparison to Gliderbikes
  • Requires a runway (road or open space) to take off and land


We have seen some magnificent creations and can confidently say we are one step closer to realizing personal flying vehicles should be common very soon.

If you are creating a Gyrocopter of your own, share your successes and failed attempts or share you experience flying a Gyrocopter in the comments below, then visit Aquatic Motorbikes – All Terrain to see the latest projects and developments in Amphibious motorcycles.

Aquatic Motorbikes – All Terrain

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