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Forward Trikes – Simply Stunning

Stunning Trikes

Forward Trikes – The Most Common Motortrike

Forward Trikes have two wheels at the rear, and a single wheel at the front and have generally been the most common trike.

Some rear engine powered trikes conceal the engine, while other trikes display the engine with plenty of chrome.

The recent popularity of the Can-Am Spyder Reverse Trike may change that imbalance in the future.

Motor-Trike Categories

This article will introduce you to the multiple categories of Motor-Trike design. First we shall look at a brief explanation of each type.

Wheelchair Accessible Forward Trike

Wheelchair Accessible Trike

Motor Trikes are a popular choice for the elderly and people with disabilities due to the fact that the rider’s legs are not required to support the weight of the bike. A trike also provides more options to attach a fold-able wheelchair to the rear and can even be designed to allow the rider to remain in a wheelchair while riding.

Trikes can be powered by a motorcycle engine in front of the rider, or powered by a car engine in the rear (such as a Volkswagen engine).

For this reason, a Forward Trike driven by a motorcycle engine at the front, has been the most popular and easiest modification for Wheelchair Access.

Rigid Forward Trike

Rigid Forward Motortrike


A Rigid Forward Trike will have a single wheel on the front and two wheels on the rear and does not lean.


Tilting Forward Trike

Tilting Motortrke


The Tilting Forward Trike is identical with a Rigid Forward Trike, however it will tilt as you enter a corner, exactly as a solo rider leans on a two wheel motorcycle counter steering.

Forward Cargo Trike

Forward Cargo Motortrike

 Forward Cargo Trike is like a Rigid Forward Trike, however it has a tray or tub above the rear wheels. In Australia a vehicle with a tray/tub would be called a Ute (abbreviation for Utility), and in the USA would be called a Pick-up. Therefore, a Forward Cargo Trike is simply a pickup/ute with a motorcycle at the front.

Outrigger Trike

Outrigger Motortrike


An Outrigger Trike is a Two Wheel Motorcycle driven by the rear wheel, that has had car tires fitted on either side of the rear wheel, similar to training wheels on a child’s bicycle.

 Rickshaws and Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuk Rickshaw


Rickshaws and Tuk Tuks can be described as Forward Trikes with a cab to keep the driver and passengers out of the rain.


Three Wheel Cars

3 Wheeler


Three Wheelers look like standard cars that have three wheels, instead of four. Similar to Forward Motortrikes, Forward Three Wheelers will have a single wheel on the front.


Rigid Forward Trike

As there are so many manufacturers of Forward Trikes and Trike Conversion Kits, there would be too many examples for this article. We will take a look at a few and provide links to many others at the end.

Shall we begin with the Biggest and the Best: Kaszpir V8 Trikes

Kaszpir Trike

Find out More: Click Here

Perhaps something a little smaller? OzTrikes


Find out More: Click Here

Tour Oz Trikes

Tour Oz Trikes

Find out More: Click Here

Trike Racing

Trike Racing

Trike Racing 3WheeLer WoRLD Click Here

SS Trikes

SS Trike

Find out More: Click Here

The Titan Roller Kit

Titan Trike Kit

Find out More: Click Here

Titan Trike Conversion

Titan Custom Trike

Find out More: Click Here

Eagle Trike Conversions

Eagle Conversions Trike

Find out More: Click Here

Tilting Forward Trikes

KSC Leaning Trike

Leaner Trike

Find out More: Click Here

Tiltster – Tilting Forward Trike

Tiltster Trike

Find out More: Click Here

Fly the Road Carver Trike

Carver Leaning Trke

Find out More: Click Here

Forward Cargo Trikes

Kavaki Forward Cargo Trike

Kavaki Gargo Trike

Find out More: Click Here

Juangsu Linzhi Shanyang Forward Cargo Trike – Passenger

Solian Cargo Trike

Visit Made in China Click Here

Myanmar Trike

Cargo Forward Trike

Visit the Story Click Here

Outrigger Forward Trikes

An Outrigger Trike is a standard two wheel motorcycle with an attachment. The motorcycle rear wheel has not been removed. The following video will explain.

Here is an Outrigger Trike that can also carry cargo.

Find Out More: Click Here

Triax Outrigger Trike

Outrigger Triax Trike

Find Out More: Click Here

Motorcycle Voyager Convertible Kits

MTC Voyager Outrigger Trike

Find Out More: Click Here

Crossroads Trikes

Trigg Outrigger Trike

Find Out More: Click Here

Rick Shaws and Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuk Industries

Tuk Tuk

Visit Tuk Tuk Industries Click Here.

Rick Shaw in India

Rick Shaw India

As there are so many Forward Trike examples, I have listed some extra links here for your convenience.

Forward Trikes are Simply Stunning

TC Custom Trikes Click Here. Trikes Australia Click Here. Panther Trikes Click Here. Threedom Wheels Click Here. Australian Trikes Click Here. Trike Around Australia Click Here. Cam Trikes Australia Click Here. Trevaye Enterprises Click Here. Champion Trikes and Sidecars Click Here. Californian Sidecars and Trikes Click Here. US Trikes Click Here. EML Trikes Click Here. The Trike Shop Click Here. Lehman Trikes Click Here. Roadsmith Trikes Click Here. Motor Trike Click Here. Rewaco Trikes Click Here and Here. Crossroads Trikes Click Here. Hannigan Trikes Click Here. Trikes by Design Click Here. Leola Motor Trike Click Here. The Trike Man Click Here.

Are Reverse Trikes Safer than Forward Trikes?

Now that we have reviewed Forward Trikes, I would like to demonstrate the safety advantages of Reverse Trikes. To discover why a Reverse Trike would be a safer option for you, Click Here

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