For Sale Sidecars – Right Mounted (USA)

buy New Indian Motorcycle Sidecar

Add storage to your ride or provide passenger comfort.

Even if your passenger is a pet, transport your furry best friend in safety and style. Locate your favorite sidecar today.

Sidecars can be mounted on either the Left Side (eg: Australia) or Right Side (eg: USA) of the motorcycle, depending on your country of registration.

Below you will find examples for Right Side Mounted Sidecars.

  • a sidecar is one of the safest, most practical ways to transport a pet via motorcycle
  • a sidecar offers storage space without the need for a trailer
  • sidecars are available in both Universal and Branded models to fit just about any motorcycle
  • Some companies manufacture sidecars off the production line, eg: Harley Davidson, Ural etc
  • Sidecars can be attached in various configurations such as Rigid, Flexible, Leaner, Driven from the Chair and Paralellogram

BMW Steib LS 200 Sidecar New


Sidecars, Parts and Manuals

New and Used Sidecars and Information.

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Sidecar Universal Mounting Kit


Universal Mounting Kits make your Sidecar installation fast and easy. The heavy-duty mounting bracket is designed to adjust to various types and makes of motorcycle.

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Sidecar Steering Damper


Sidecar Steering Dampers can often be installed using Volkswagen Steering Dampers. Take a Look Below.

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Engineer Workshop – Conversion Kits, Fitting Guides & Manuals

6 thoughts on “For Sale Sidecars – Right Mounted (USA)

  1. Avatar
    Victor Gallardo says:

    Will a 98 BMW 1100RT adapt a side car. Need reply soon as he wants bike gone. PLEASE text to 805 312 5170. Thank you.

  2. Avatar
    rodolfo says:

    My next project is a sidecar for my HD road king….. my starting point is how much does a sidecar could weight? my harley has a 1200 cc engine, I know the less the weight the better…. but which is a normal weight for a side car???

    thanks for your time and attention and for this great page….. is full ok knowledge…

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