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Sidecar Universal Mounting Kit

Welcome to the Haul N Ride Workshop

Every project will come across problems to solve

This page is a collection of solutions to assist in the attachment of sidecars and sourcing Sidecar Mounting Kits, manuals and parts.

Here you will find Engineering Workshop Manuals – Universal Mounting Kits – Steering Dampers and much more.

Methods of Attachment – Sidecar Motorcycle Combinations

There are 4 common methods to attach a sidecar to a motorcycle: Flexible, Leaner, Parallelogram and Rigid.

Sidecar Combinations

To understand the difference between Sidecar Combination Attachment Methods, click on each link below….

Flexible Sidecar Combination

Leaner Sidecar Combination

Parallelogram Sidecar Combination

Rigid Hack Combination

Sidecar Attachment Fittings, Steering Dampers & Mounting Kits

Attaching a sidecar to a motorbike is not as simple as just bolting it onto the frame.

You will need to learn about Lean-In, Tow-In and Steering Dampers.

It will also be necessary to learn basic sidecar safety and operation.

If you are an experienced Solo motorcycle rider and have been riding on two wheels for a long time, then it is even more important to study the manuals and safety guides.

You do not want to find yourself in a rear wheel lift situation.

Sidecar Rear Wheel Lift

Rigid Sidecars – Leading Link Explained

If you decide to attach a sidecar as a Rigid Combination, it is important to learn the difference between Trail and Rake and the benefits of replacing telescopic forks with a Leading Link front end. Leading Link – Power Steering for Sidecars and Trikes.

Motorcycle Sidecar Leading Link

Sidecar Installation & Alignment

Setting up a Sidecar Combination is very technical and requires a good understanding of fine adjustments and testing to enable the Outfit and Rig run straight and smoothly.


Below you will find various websites, safety tips and many resources such as where to find parts!


Cycle Sidecar – Attachment Guides & Resources

Cycle Sidecar is a comprehensive website that contains Installation Manuals, User Guides, Sidecar Driver training and Sidecar Safety.

Sidecar Attachment Guide

Visit Website for Detailed Instructions: Click Here


Simply Sidecars – Fitting Guide and Riding Tips

Simply Sidecars website contains detailed information including Wheel Lead – Tow-in – Clamp Location – Lean-out, Camber and Electrical Connections.

Sidecar Frame Attachment Points

Visit Website for Detailed Instructions: Click Here

Simply Sidecars – Sidecar Mounting Kits, Parts and Prices

Simply Sidecars contains parts prices and riding tips.

Eyebolts – clamps – sliding mounts – universal mounting kits and much more. This website has it all.

Sidecar Mounting Kit

Visit Website: Click Here

Universal Mounting Kits

Visit eBay to purchase an affordable Mount Kit.

Rigid Motorcycle Sidecar Mounting Kit

Mounting Kit – Rigid Sidecar Attachment

Cycle Sidecars – Sidecar Project Parts

Fenders – Front Bumpers – Sidecar Tires – Tonneau Covers – Electrics – Shockies – Mounts – Mounting Struts – Seat belts.

Visit Cycle Sidecars and “Find what you need”.

Sidecar Mounting Kits and Parts

Visit Website: Click Here

Steering Wobble – Prevention & Correction

The Steering Damper Guide provides a cure to Wheel Wobble and the correct and safe installation.

Motorcycle Sidecar Wobble

Steering Dampers

My FJ1200A Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar Steering Damper Specs.

A steering Damper is a small shock-absorber that connects from your motorcycle forks to the sidecar and provides a dampening effect when you hit a pot hole or bump.

If this isn’t in place, the shock will be sent to the riders hands. To assist other riders and their sidecar projects, I have taken photos and measurements of my setup.

Extended Length 16.92 inches (430 mm)

Compressed Length 13 inches (330 mm)

Steering Damper Attachment to Leading Link

Sidecar Steering Damper

Steering Damper Attachment to Sidecar

Sidecar Steering Damper

Steering Hard Lock Away from Sidecar – Extended Damper

Sidecar Steering Damper

Steering Hard Lock Toward Sidecar – Compressed Damper 


VW Steering Damper Examples

Steering Dampers are necessary to be fitted between the sidecar and the motorcycle to minimize steering wobble.

New replacement steering dampers for VW (Volkswagen) standard Beetle, Super Bug, and Combi Bus can make great steering dampers for a sidecar combination.

I have placed a a few examples below.

VW Steering Damper Sidecar

Sidecar Steering Damper







ebay Steering Dampers


Classic Sidecar Workshop

Harley Davidson WLA’s, Indian Chief, Scout 101, Four, ACE, Excelsior, the Henderson and various other vintage motorcycles.

Motorcycle Sidecar Boat

Sidecar Mount Clamps

Visit Website: Click Here


Sidecar Reverse Gear

When a Sidecar is added to a motorcycle, the rider will no longer be able to reverse the motorcycle as is the case with a solo motorbike.

With a little creativity, there is a device that can be adapted to enable the sidecar to reverse the combination.

Visit Sidecar Reverse Gear to discover some clever solutions available to solve this common problem faced by all sidecar users:

Sidecar Reverse Gear – Modification Examples


Sidecar Trike Wheelchair Restraints – Workshop & Suppliers

Crash Testing – Wheelchair Tie Down – Lashing Points – Docking Stations for Sidecars and Trikes

Sidecar Wheelchair Restraints

Cruise Control

Slide on Cruise Assist Hand Rests


Cruise Control provides comfortable throttle control dramatically reducing wrist fatigue often caused by long rides.

Motorcycle Cruise Control



Take a look at a number of styles and designs to add Cruise Control and Throttle Assist to your ride:

Cruise Control Workshop





Hack Builder Archive

Whether home built or manufactured. Here are some hack construction pics from home workshop hack builders.

Click Image Below…

Hack builder disabled motorcycles


If you have any suggestions or would like to share your sidecar project, add a comment below.

You might like to take a look at a safer method to attach a sidecar to a motorcycle…

Leaner Sidecar Combination – Bike Leans and Sidecar Doesn’t

Haul N Ride website was created to explore Innovation and Human Creativity with a focus on Interesting, Rare and Unusual Motorcycles and Accessories. Haul N Ride welcomes the sharing of projects and ideas, creating an enjoyable and educational online resource. We like to hear from readers so please leave a comment below and let us know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting Haul N Ride. Dave

3 thoughts on “Engineer Workshop – Conversion Kits, Fitting Guides & Manuals

  1. Chris Pincombe says:

    Looking for pics of where to mount side car onto a Harley Dyna super glide 08 anniversary model. All info would be great.

  2. Tony Pagnutti says:

    Hi Dave,
    My main sidecar rig right now is a 2014 Honda CTX 1300 with a leading link mod that I built and installed and Hannagin sidecar .I have had at least 6 sidecar rigs, mounted to, 1974 BMW R90 x 2, 1976 Honda GL 1000 with leading link,1979 Honda GL 1100 with leading link and a 2003 BMW 1150 GS.
    I wish to Mount a sidecar to my 1984 Honda GL 1200 Standard. The sidecar I would like to use is a 1984 Jawa Velorex sidecar. I have modified the axle of the rig to accept a GL front tire.
    My question is, do you make a leaning combination to fit the 84 and do you sell only the motorcycle subframe.
    Thanks Tony

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