Dubai Police – Training on Drone Motorbikes

Scorpion S3 Hoverbike

Dubai Police have begun Training Officers to use State of the Art Hoverbike Drones.

The Russian company Hoversurf who created the Hoverbike S3, (Scorpion-3) have released the following video.

At the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, the Dubai police force signed a memorandum of understanding to begin testing the Scorpion-3 eVTOL hoverbike. Source evtolnews

Performance & Capabilities

Weighing 251 pounds (114 kg), the Scorpion-3 Hoverbike has been recorded to hover 93.5″ (28.5 m) above the ground, however the Dubai Police have limited the altitude to 16″ (4.9 m). The bike can reach speeds of 60 mph (96 km/h) and the Hybrid Lithium-manganese-nickel battery allows flight for approximately 30 minutes.

Hoverbikes will soon become a Common Sight

HOVERSURF has met FAA part 103 guidelines for a personal Vertical Take – Off and Landing aircraft. Read More

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