Cushman Truckster – Cargo Trike Motorcycle Pickup

Love Em or Not – What a Handy Little Work Horse!

Cushman Motor Works established in 1903 in the United States have been the manufacturer of the Cushman Truckster, a heavy duty motorcycle utility vehicle.

The Cushman Trucksters were powered by 7 HP engines and were were produced from 1952 to 2002.

Their popularity was due to their light weight design and size making them useful in parks and garden maintenance, icecream sales, parking meter attendants, postal delivery services and even the police force.

1955 cushman Mailster Truckster

From the Past

“As a 17 year old in 1959, my summer job was driving a Cushman Truckster with a 4 ft sq by 30 in high freezer box.  It was cooled by dry ice blocks lasting about 12 hours.  It was a great tool for picking up girls & the money was good.

This was years before the post office scooters.  My scooter did not have cab and the front looked like a late 40s vintage including a handle bar.  The engine was under the seat and the shifter was on the right side.  Later models used a steering wheel with the shifter on the column.  Meater maids used the later versions.

The ice cream model was an 8hp motor with a Crosley clutch, trans, and rear end unit.  The truckster weighed 1,000 pounds & max speed was 35 mph.  They also sold units with a small pickup box but they were geared higher.”

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1969 Cushman Ice Cream Truckster

Take a Look at this Video

1969 Cushman Ice Cream Truckster

1961 Cushman Truckster


1988 Cushman Truckster

Trucksters were found on job sites and in industrial plants where small and manoeuvrable vehicles could haul smaller loads as needed.

Here is a great website to determine the year of your Cushman Truckster: Visit Website


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