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Track Driven Motorcycles – All Terrain and Unstoppable

1937 Mercier Moto Chenille Track Driven Motorcycle

1937 Mercier Moto Chenille Both unique and totally wild, the 1937 Mercier Moto Chenille is a classic example of creativity and experimentation, brought into existence by Swiss inventor Adrien Mercier in 1937. The name “Moto Chenille” was adopted by the French army, which translates as “Caterpillar Motorcycle”. The Mercier is Powered by a Japanese 350cc Single…

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Motorcycle Sidecar Family

The Haul N Ride website was created to enable the sharing of information and projects to benefit others. You may contact Haul N Ride Click Here Haul N Ride contains unusual motorcycles, inventions and information. Unusual such as Parallel, Flexible, Leaner and Driven from the Chair Sidecars. Or perhaps Flying, Monowheel or Diesel Motorcycles. The Haul…

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