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Motorcycle Safety Clothing and Accessories

What are the Untold Rules of Riding a Motorcycle?

Motorbike Overtaking

Brilliant Summary with Valuable Advice from George Erhard I’ll answer the “social” rules of riding, mainly geared to MC’s and RC’s, since the “safety” rules of riding have already been well covered. Approaching the Pack Packs of bikes should be treated as one big vehicle, or at least a tight group of vehicles. Never cut […]

Motorcycle Foot Pegs & Heel Pain – Plantar Fasciitis (Aching Heel)

Heel Pain Motorcycle Footpegs Relief

Plantar fasciitis (Aching Heel) While riding as a motorcycle instructor, naturally I spend many hours with my feet on the foot pegs of a motorcycle. When I began developing very painful heels, I decided to Google it to find out why. I found out about Plantar Fascitis. The plantar fascia is a band of connective […]

Wireless Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor System

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System

Haul N Ride is excited to share the following innovative idea that will offer massive improvements in motorcycle safety at a low cost. Tyre (tire) pressure will affect riding safety according to inflation. It is important for tyres to run at the correct temperature for maximum grip and less wear. Under-Inflation If your tyres are […]

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