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Motorcycle Safety Clothing and Accessories

Safety, Crash and First Aid – Motorcycle Instruction

Motorcycle Accident Safety

Some Statistics reveal the importance of Safety Awareness and First Aid. Statistics Motorcyclists are over-represented in the fatal and serious injury statistics. Between 2003 and 2012 motorcyclists made up 13% of those killed or seriously injured in Western Australia. From 2003 to 2012, almost half (45%) of the fatal or serious injury motorcycle crashes occurred […]

Carrying a Pillion Passenger – Motorcycle Safety

Pillion Passenger Safety

Carrying a Pillion Passenger As a Motorcycle Instructor I always gave my students the choice to learn/practice carrying a passenger, (yes I did sit on the rear of a learner motorcyclist). Carrying any additional weight your bike will affect the handling of the motorcycle: Do not carry a pillion passenger or heavy loads unless you […]

Setting Up and Braking – Motorcycle Instruction

motorcycle braking safely

‘Setting up’ is braking lightly as you approach potential hazards, giving you more opportunity and space to react to events. The advantages of this are: It prepares the rider. By recognising the hazard and taking preparatory action you will have more control and respond quicker. It prepares the motorcycle to stop if needed without locking […]

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