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Diesel Powered Motorcycles

Diesel All Terrain Motorcycle Kawabota 902

Diesel or Petrol – Which is Better? Diesel Engines give out more small particulate than (petrol) gasoline engines, however modern diesel engines are fitted with particulate filters to reduce emission pollution. Petrol (gasoline) engines produce more CO2 emissions which is said to cause climate change. Diesel engines emit more nitrogen dioxide than petrol engines which […]

Stage 1 & 2 Modification – Help Your Ride Breathe

Stage 2 Camshaft Modification

Stage 1 & 2 Modification Basics Factory Motorcycles have quite often been designed to restrict performance, which enables the motorcycle to pass emission standards, within each country of sale. In this article we will briefly touch on the stages of modification and provide examples from a motorcycle enthusiast. Introduction – Basic Explanation of Stage 1 […]

Radial Engine Motorcycles – Past to Present

Motorcycle Radial Engine

Radial Engine Motorcycles Haul N Ride would like to introduce you to a very attractive alternative to the standard accepted view of what makes up a motorcycle engine. Motorcycles are usually recognised as having a Single Cylinder, Parallel Twin, V-Twin, Boxer Twin, Triples, Inline-4, V-4, Inline-6, Flat-4, Flat-6 and Oval-Piston V-4. What you may not […]

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