Carrying a Pillion Passenger – Motorcycle Safety

Pillion Passenger Safety

Carrying a Pillion Passenger

As a Motorcycle Instructor I always gave my students the choice to learn/practice carrying a passenger, (yes I did sit on the rear of a learner motorcyclist).

Carrying any additional weight your bike will affect the handling of the motorcycle:

Do not carry a pillion passenger or heavy loads unless you are an experienced rider.
Make sure you have a suitable seat fitted on your motorcycle.
A passenger is your responsibility; make sure they are as well protected as you are.
Adjust the rear suspension spring preload, mirror, headlight and tyre pressure to allow for the additional weight.
Ride at lower speed.
Slow down earlier.
Adjust your buffer zone to allow extra stopping distance.
Keep conversation to a minimum to avoid distraction.
Do not make sudden moves or show off as it will make your passenger nervous and could compromise safety.
The pillion passenger must be 8 years or older and be able to reach the foot pegs.

Your passenger should:
Get on the motorcycle after you have mounted the motorcycle and started the engine
Sit as far forward as possible
Hold on to the waist of the rider or a secure part of the motorcycle
Keep both feet on the footpegs at all times, even when the motorcycle is stopped
Stay directly behind you, leaning as you lean and avoiding any unnecessary movement.

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