Bike Skii – Necessity Meets Invention

Motorcycle Skii

Bike Skii – Pete shares his “Make at Home” idea

Haul N Ride has a great assortment of intricate inventions. This one is simple but fun.
I used it once to go skiing with my daughter. I didn’t manage to get pictures on the day of the trip but we saw people taking our picture.

Bike Skii

This configuration keeps the center of mass low.

It is a pipe with flanges secured to the luggage rack.

The skis attach to the highway pegs and the pipe flange. The ski poles pack in next to the pipe.

I have heard of other carrying golf clubs.

Post this on your site if you would like. Pete


How practical and inventive.

You are definitely giving people ideas to think outside the square.

Thank you Pete for sharing with Haul N Ride 🙂

I found you a friend…

Motorcycle Skii

Yes there are some very interesting motorcycles that are doing away with the need for a Caddy.

Golf Motorcycle

Golf Motorcycle

Golf Motorcycle

When you know you can do it better on two wheels. Haul N Ride

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