Best Heated Motorcycle Pant Liners – Product comparison

Heated Motorcycle Pant Liners

Even though you may have heavy-duty motorcycle pants, there may be days that the chill penetrates into your knees and legs, making your ride uncomfortable.

There is an option that can provide you warmth without the need to change your current riding pants. Heated Motorcycle Pant Liners will make a perfect companion to your heated gloves and jacket keeping you toasty warm.

It can be a time-consuming challenge to compare products and this product comparison aims to make this task easier.

Heated Motorcycle Pant Liner



Wearing a Heated Motorcycle Pant Liner will keep you warm without changing your look. You can wear under your jeans or armored motorbike trousers.




4 Manufacturers Compared

Haul N Ride will review the following Heated Clothing manufacturers:





Product Features Compared

Temperature Control

Harness to Bike

Hybrid Option

Battery Pack


Heat to Thighs

Heat to Shins

Inner Lining

Outer Shell

Adjustable Waist



1. Venture Heated Pant Liner

Venture Heat’s 12V Heated Pant Liners are engineered to fit comfortably under your riding pants or jeans and provide warmth with adventure riding in mind.

With Xtreme Comfort Technology Venture have eliminated bulky insulation and coils which impede mobility, and replaced them with thin flexible carbon fiber heating panels. The panels are made from hair thin micro fibers and multi-layer bonded fabric, allowing for a more flexible range of motion without the heavy layers. Easy to follow instructions included.

Venture Heated Motorcycle Pant Liner

Haul N Ride Venture Heated Pant Liner Rating

Venture Heated Pant Liner



To check the current price and grab yourself a Venture Grand Touring Heated Pant Liner: Visit eBay




2. Keis Heated Clothing

Now let’s take a look at the second manufacturer – Keis Heated Clothing

Keis Heated Pant Liner

Don’t get caught out again this year in the freezing cold traveling to work or enjoying the outdoors. Invest in some motorcycle pant liners to create all the warmth your legs will need on long cold trips.

Keis presents the X2i Heated Lightweight Trousers combine a soft shell fabric front with lightweight rear panels and an elasticated waist to offer the wearer the perfect fit and feature front mounted pockets and flat seams to prevent pressure sores.

The X2i comes complete with an integrated controller that gives the wearer full control over the heat to allow for comfortable riding through all weather conditions.

Haul N Ride Keis Pant Liner Rating

Keis Heated Motorcycle Pant Liner



Available in Men’s, Women’s, Boys’ & Girls’


To check the current price and grab yourself a Keis X2i Inner Thermal Trousers: Visit eBay





3. Tourmaster Heated Pant Liner

Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Electric Heated Chap Liner

Tour Master Synergy wearing apparel is created to function from a vehicle’s common 12-volt electrical system to deliver unmatched levels of warmth and comfort. With Synergy apparel, wearers can be warm without having the bulk and annoyance commonly triggered by extreme layers of clothing.

By delivering enhanced warmth and mobility in cold temperatures, Synergy wearing apparel assists in easing exhaustion while improving safety and enjoyment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although, the internet has many websites describing Synergy 2.0 Heating Elements, many incorrectly state the following:

“In addition to safe and even heating, carbon fiber
elements are featherweight, versatile and safe to operate in wet
circumstances. It is actually carbon fiber’s lighter weight, waterproofing and
flexibility that enables Synergy garments to fit comfortably under
protective riding apparel.”

However, this review would not be accurate without bringing to your attention the following:

Synergy 2.0 garments contain “Stainless Steel Wire Heating Elements”, not carbon fiber elements.

This is an improvement on carbon fiber, as stainless steel heats up faster while maintaining flexibility and durability.

Another important point to note is that the Synergy 2.0 pant chaps and pant liners are no longer manufactured with wiring in the leg cuffs and usually do not come with a temperature controller as they previously did. This is because most customers were plugging them into the jacket or vest, making the single controller obsolete. My advice, Check What You Are Getting When You Purchase.

Haul N Ride Tourmaster Heated Pant Liner Rating

Heated Tourmaster Pant Liner




To check the current price and grab yourself a Tourmaster Synergy 2.0, Heated Chap Liner: Visit eBay





4. BikeTek Heated Pant Liner Chaps

Beat the cold and enjoy your ride with these BikeTek Heated Pant Liners. Chaps are a popular choice for those that do not require heat on the rear of the legs and would like a bit of help to keep the front of the legs protected from the harsh elements.
BikeTek chaps are powered from any motorbike 12v system and all BikeTek garments are inter-connectable to be powered from just one wiring harness. All items can be used independently or plugged together and operated as one unit.
The Chap Liners wrap around for a perfect form hugging fit, have oversize buttons for ease of use and are machine Washable.
Haul N Ride BikeTek Heated Pant Liner

BikeTek Heated Pant Liner



To check the current price and grab yourself a BikeTek Heated Motorcycle Inner Pant Liner: Visit eBay




Reviewing products can be very revealing, however when reviewing motorcycle pant liners, as there are not many differences in the features, the products are “neck to neck” at the finish line.
Haul N Ride Heated Pant Liner Rating

Haul N Ride recommendation: It seems Tourmaster do not provide built-in wiring for the innersoles or the controller and BikeTek do not mention a warranty on their website. Venture and Keis both support full hybrid connectivity. Therefore, Keis with a rating of 10 is awarded the Haul N Ride Best Heated Pant Liner Rating.

Now I would like to offer another idea. How about wearing your heated clothing on the outside of your jeans?

Presenting Heated Leather Chaps.

Milwaukee Leather Heated Chaps

Premium Quality Heavy Duty Leather Chaps

These leather Chaps will provide ultimate protection on your legs on the open road. Never worry again about being uncomfortable at your next event. Picture yourself on the open road astride your favorite bike, these chaps will afford the protection your legs will crave.

The chaps pleasing to the eye and comfortable to wear; are also reliable and durable. The most outstanding feature of these chaps is the incredible fit. This high quality, classic design chaps are perfect choice! Combined with high quality workmanship, you should enjoy wearing this durable chaps frequently.

  • Premium Naked Cowhide 1.2-1.3mm
  • Heated Panels intricately placed on Thighs to keep you warm while riding
  • Dual Sided Deep Zipper Storage Pockets
  • Snap Out Thermal Lined Chap for Extra Warmth
  • Comes w/ 12v motorcycle cycle battery harness/ portable battery packs sold separately
  • Men’s Milwaukee Leather Chaps with Zippered Thigh Pockets & Heated Technology


Please Note : Do not use the bike battery and the portable battery at the same time. Portable Battery Not Included.

Tough enough to take the action and fashionable enough season after season. Don’t miss out on this deal!

We are willing to bet you can find a home for one of our CHAPS !

Milwaukee Heated Motorcycle Pants Chaps

Milwauki Heated Motorcycle Chaps




To check the current price and grab yourself a Milwaukee Motorcycle Leather Chaps: Visit eBay







I hope you have enjoyed the Haul N Ride Heated Motorcycle Pant Liner Comparison.

Make sure your whole body is warm during the winter months and enjoy your ride in comfort. You may also like:

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