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Motorcycle Leaner Flexible Parallel Sidecars – Homemade Projects

Leaner Sidecar

Leaner, Parallel and Flexible Sidecar Projects You are going to love this webpage. Grab your slippers, turn the kettle on, make a coffee and relax. This page is where Leaner’s Share. Enjoy Below we will browse through both current and completed projects that riders have been kind enough to share. If you would like to […]

Wireless Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor System

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System

Haul N Ride is excited to share the following innovative idea that will offer massive improvements in motorcycle safety at a low cost. Tyre (tire) pressure will affect riding safety according to inflation. It is important for tyres to run at the correct temperature for maximum grip and less wear. Under-Inflation If your tyres are […]

Carrying a Pillion Passenger – Safely and Responsibly

Carrying Pillion Grab Handles

When Carrying a Motorcycle Pillion Passenger, remember that carrying the additional weight on your bike will affect the handling of the motorcycle. This article will include the most common safety advice and practices ensuring both rider and pillion arrive safely to the destination   The Best Pillion Practices   Do not carry a pillion passenger […]

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