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Sidecar Trike Wheelchair Restraints – Workshop & Suppliers

Motorcycle Sidecar Wheelchair Docking System

Sidecar and Trike Wheelchair Restraints Regardless of which country or state we live in, and regardless of laws and regulations, restraints are safer and should be fitted to all wheelchair accessible sidecars. In the following crash test video, you will see that the safest method of restraining a wheelchair and it’s occupant, is four attachment […]

Motorcycle Bum Waist Drop Leg Hip Bags

Leather Gothic Steampunk Rock Motorcycle Fanny Pack Leg Hip Bag

Fanny Pack Drop Leg Bags Saddlebags may be too large to take with you to a party – that is when you need a Hip Bag Waist Bags can be made from leather to match your saddlebags and provide extra storage for your personals on that long ride. [feedzy-rss feeds=”″ max=”20″ offset=”0″ feed_title=”yes” refresh=”12_hours” target=”_blank” […]

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