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Armec Sidewinder Leaner Sidecar Owner – Living the Dream

Armec Sidewinder Leaner Sidecar

Armec Sidewinder Owner – Living the Dream

Armec Sidewinder Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar

“The Armec Sidewinder weighs about 150 pounds (68 kg), it is quite light.”
Photo taken by photographer James Ferry in 2003.

10 Years Later – Still Living the Dream

Same family, same Armec Sidewinder, but how the children have grown up.

Armec Sidewinder Leaner Sidecar

“2013 photo, 10 years later. Now 2018, we still have both bikes and rig, and have added a 2016 BMW R1200RS that my wife now rides, and a 2011 BMW K1300S that I ride as my primary.
Our oldest daughter has her motorcycle license, but we are waiting until she is done with college before she gets a bike. Our other daughter, will get her bike license when she feels ready.
My top bucket list goal is to ride across the USA with all of my girls, each on their own machine.” Cheers! Edwards
Thank you Edwards for sharing your story and photos with Haul N Ride. I am honored to have the opportunity to meet a Leaner Sidecar owner willing to share with our visitors.

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