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Quadski Water Motorbike


If there is a problem – fix it.

If there is an obstacle – go over it.

If there is a river – cross it. Never Give Up!

When you just have to cross that lake!

Shall we explore “Everything Related to Motorcycles and Water”. That may include sidecars, trailers or bikes.

I find it amazing how so many creative and clever people, can come up with such great ideas.

Boat Trailers

Is there any reason why you would not tow a boat behind a motorcycle?

I think not. Motorcycles tow camper trailers and small caravans and motorcycles even tow cars.

Motorcycle Trailer Folding Boat

So let’s begin our journey with this handy invention. A folding boat on a Motorcycle Trailer. The boat, trailer and 2HP motor weights under 100 kg (200 pounds). I doubt an engine that size will have any trouble towing it.
Folding Boat Motorcycle Trailer
I wonder how it performs on the water?
Folding Boat Motorcycle Trailer

Doesn’t look too difficult to make.
Folding Boat Motorcycle Trailer

This may perhaps be the only one in the world.
Folding Boat Motorcycle Trailer
Source: Click Here

Folding Motorcycle Boat Trailers For Sale

Take Your Kayak, Canoe, Jet Ski or Inflatable with you on your ride!

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Towing a boat behind a motorcycle is the obvious way to include your motorbike in your aquatic activities. This is not the only way motorcycles have been included. Believe it or not sidecars not only make useful campers and allow wheelchair access, they also make great boats.

Sidecar Boats

Canterbury Belle Sidecar Boat – Let’s go Fishing! Sorry this Sidecar Boat cannot be purchased, only a few were made in the 1960’s. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone made a dual purpose Sidecar Boat today.

Ural Sidecar Boats

Well the idea was not forgotten after all. It looks like Ural are still working on the idea. They are making very nice Sidecar Boats.

Ural Sidecar Boat
Ural Sidecar Boat

Ural Sidecar BoatSource: Click Here

Amphibious Motorcycles

From the Invention of Motorcycles – Water Crossings have been a Dream Too Good to Resist!

Some people love their motorbike so much, they don’t want to use a boat.

The desire to ride the motorcycle in the water is not recent in history.

If we travel back in time to 1952, we will find a Vesper Motorcycle that could ride both on the road and in the water, with a little help from flotation pontoons.

Home Made

Motorcycle enthusiasts will always be finding ways to take their ride across the water. Perhaps the Vesper Motorcycle was over-complicating it. All they needed was a couple of surf boards strapped to the frame.

If you can’t afford surfboards, perhaps you could use plastic containers. Having very low Horse Power, I don’t think either this or the previous invention will break the water speed record, but it works.

How can we go across a bit faster? Surely somebody has invented a motorcycle that can cross the water at a more rapid speed. Well, the answer is yes.


Amphibious Trikes

Salamander Amphibious Trike

Salamander amphibious tricycle is available in a much faster 250cc or 7 hp electric motor. What a nice trike.

Salamander – Aquatic Amphibious Motorcycle Trike

Gibbs Biski

The Salamander was a very nice amphibious trike. Perfect for that relaxing time out with nature.

But what about those Motorcycle rider thrill seekers, that need to twist the throttle?

I think the Gibbs Biski will provide better performance @ 55hp on water.

Why would you purchase a Jet Ski and trailer and be trapped inside a car all the way to the beach.

I would much prefer a nice motorcycle ride through the countryside and cool off with some water fun. I definitely want one of these.

Gibbs Sport Amphibians – Biski


Gibbs Quadski

However, If you prefer Four Wheels, are an adrenaline junkie and love massive Horse Power, then you need look no further than a Gibbs Quadski @ 140 hp on water, this is King of Water Motorcycles.

It would be difficult to share. You might have to buy two.

Gibbs Quadski – Amphibious 4 Wheeler

Vasugan Trike

Let’s admit it. Going fast is not everything.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an Amphibious Trike that can ride over fallen trees, chew through the mud and snow and ride down the road?

Then perhaps this Vasugan Trike would suit you better.


Gibbs Triski

If you believe Reverse Trikes are safer and love riding Jet Skis, then this could be your perfect ride.

A very attractive Reverse Water Trike. I think it’s time to trade in your Can-Am Spyder.

Gibbs Triski – Amphibious Reverse Trike

Motorcycle Powered Boats

There will always be someone that does not want to sit on a bike on the water, and who loves the space a boat provides.

They may have a motorcycle and a boat in the garage and cannot afford to purchase an Evinrude?

Evinrude Speedboat

Well given the right person with an inventive mind, there will always be a solution. Here is a clever person who owns a Dirt Bike and an 18′ boat, no problem.

Home Made Motorcycle Powered Boats

It worked in a river, therefore, it should work in a bigger lake.

Personally, I think the wheel should have been deeper in the water. What a great idea, use what you have. The following boat goes a little faster with less noise pollution. However, if you are not sitting on the bike, does it still count?


Hydroplaning (Aquaplaning)

Incredible Water Crossing

Generally any videos I have seen on Hydroplaning have been short bursts across a dam.

This is the best water crossing I have ever seen that was pure Aquaplaning and didn’t involve a sidecar or floats to assist the buoyancy of the bike and rider.

Very impressive.


Dirt Bike Surfing

There has been a passion to ride a motorcycle on water since motorcycles were invented. Combined with the love of surfing, this passion has been taken to the next level.

Unlike the previous video which demonstrates true aquaplaning, the following dirt bike was slightly modified by adding a ski under the front wheel.

Australian Motocross rider Robbie Maddison, rose to fame as a member of Crusty Demons of the Dirt, and has decided to become the world’s first person to combine surfing and motocross. Robbie has tested his idea in the waves of Tahiti on his modified KTM 300.



You may be surprised to discover that not all motorcycle riders choose to travel on top of the water. With a little preparation, after adding a snorkel to your air intake and another to your exhaust, (and if you are brave), you can travel under the water?

We have seen motorcycles travel above the water and below the surface. Now let us examine traveling through the water without modifying the motorbike.

When the water is both deep and flowing, much skill is necessary to reach the other side. The following video demonstrates how this can be achieved without drowning your bike.


River Crossing

Well that was great advice. However, if you want to cross a very deep, very fast flowing, slightly dangerous river, you will need a Ural sidecar combination and a lot of courage.

Ural Sidecar Water Crossing

You can see clearly in the video that the rear tire has not been modified with any sort of paddle. I find it amazing that a standard wheel with spokes can push that weight through the rapids.



Well I guess after seeing so many amazing creations, we may conclude that…

Motorcycles Love Water

Or do they?


Water Crossing – When things go wrong

Balance is an art – It requires a lot of practice, just the right speed and a lot of confidence.

Tightrope Walking

This is how you do it right!

Now Let’s Add Water!

Motorcycle English Channel Crossing

I love how persistent motorcycle riders can be. To achieve anything in this short life, it will require taking some risks. I love the following Water Motorcycle. It travels quite fast and looks stable. I wonder if it can cross the English Channel?

I guess not πŸ™

Motorcycle Boat on Fire
Well you will be glad to know they have not given up. You may visit their website to follow their next attempt: Click Here

I hope you have enjoyed Aquatic Motorbikes – All Terrain. What an adventure that was.

A special thanks to all the clever inventors and fearless riders that have demonstrated persistence and to “Never Give Up”.

Grab Yourself a Motorcycle Trailer to include your Jet Ski, Kayak, Canoe or Boat on Your Ride!

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4 thoughts on “Aquatic Motorbikes – All Terrain

  1. Oscar says:

    There are sure many different vehicles to help you cross the lake. I had not seen most of those before. Wonder how the Quadski would work. I assume its a quad and also a jet ski.

    Interesting things to cross the lake.


    • Dave says:

      Hi Oscar, you are correct. The Quadski is powered by a BMW 1300 motorcycle engine which not only drives the motorcycle rear wheel, it also is coupled to a GIBBS Jet Propulsion System. At least now you are aware of the fact that motorcycles can cross water, if the rider is brave and determined. How successful the crossing is, depends on the money spent and the bike chosen. Have an awesome day. Dave

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