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6th Birthday & New Look Haul N Ride

6th Birthday

It’s Haul N Ride’s 6th Birthday.

6th Birthday

Established in 2012 Haul N Ride began with a focus on Accessible Motorcycles

The logo looked very different back then as you will see in the 2012 Home Page below.

Haul N Ride 6th Birthday

Haul N Ride Changed a lot over the next 5 Years

Disability Modifications and Wheelchair Accessibility in Motorcycles moved from Haul N Ride to a Brand New website…

Ability Motorcycles


This allowed Haul N Ride to Focus on Innovation and Inventions in the world of motorcycles.

Improvements in Performance and Safety is moving forward at an accelerated rate which you will see as you read on.

Haul N Ride remains on the cutting edge of advancements and changes in the industry.


No More HTML Coding – New Clean Look Website

Haul N Ride moved to WordPress and the Logo was updated


Haul N Ride Home Page 2017

Haul N Ride 6th Birthday
My Honda Shadow towing Horse Manure for my garden!

More Changes in 2018

Haul N Ride moved from a WordPress Blog Website and added a storefront to showcase Innovation and Invention in motorcycles.


Haul N Ride has evolved into an amazing home where you can discover great advancement in technology and safety and learn about great inventions in accessories; to truly enjoy the motorcycle experience.


Haul N Ride 6th Birthday

A Visit to Haul N Ride and you will discover “Motorcycles Love Water”

Not only can motorcycles ride on water, they can also run on water (HHO). And what about sidecars and trikes?


Driven From the Chair Sidecars, Leaner Sidecars, Paralellogram Sidecars, Rigid Sidecars and Tilting Sidecars is only touching the surface of Haul N Ride.


Forward Trikes, Reverse Trikes, Cargo Trikes, Word’s Fastest Trikes, World’s Largest Trikes, Tilting Trikes and that’s just trikes.


Mono Cycles and Mono Wheel Unicycles are amazing, but….


Motorcycles can even fly

Hover Bikes, Gyrocopters and Glider Bikes.


Even Basic Design is changing rapidly…

With Motoinno TS3, we have even seen the front forks completely replaced with a swing arm design on the front end; and All Wheel Drive inventions allow a motorcycle’s front wheel to pull the bike over logs and through rough terrain.


Riding Gear and Motorcycle Safety is moving so rapidly, it’s hard to keep up

Helmets have really moved us into the future

Augmented Reality – Head Up Display, Rear View Helmets, Glowing Helmets, Brake Light for your Helmet, Ear Muffs Sound Protection, where will it end.

If I could put my order in, I would like to see Visor Wipers or something to clear the visor form rain.

Yes I know some gloves have a thumb wiper blade, but I want a helmet wiper 🙂


Innovation in Riding Gear & Safety

Innovation in Safety and Comfort has made riding a bike in all conditions comparable with driving a car.

Airbag Jackets, Heated Clothing, Heated Grips and Cruise Control.


Power, Camping and Design

Innovation in Engines has brought us Aircraft Radial Engines, Diesel, Steam and Electric bikes.

Camping has brought us Sidecar Campers, Teardrop Campers, Camp Cots and even our favourite “Spud”.


Dark Siders are buying up all the car tires.


And Steampunk is Threatening to challenge the traditional “Black and Chrome” look.

But what happened to Disability since it left Haul N Ride?

Removing Haul N Ride’s “Wild Innovative Distractions”…

Ability Motorcycles can truly shine as a “one Stop Disability/Accessibility Shop”.


Wheelchair Access, Modified Controls for Paraplegic and Disabled Riders and even Prosthetic solutions for Amputees.

With Ability Motorcycles, there is no reason to sell your bike even if you have a bad hip.


Ability Motorcycles – With Adapted Bikes there is no disability.


Ability Motorcycles 2018

Ability Motorcycles Website

But don’t worry, you can seamlessly move from Haul N Ride to Ability Motorcycles in the Main Menu at the top of each website.


Hmmmm. I wonder what amazing inventions 2019 will bring to our Amazing World of Motorcycling? Perhaps Loop Wheels on Motorcycles or Liddiard Motorcycle Rims?

I’m Looking forward to 2019 and hope you have an amazing year.


Thank you for visiting Haul N Ride.

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Haul N Ride website was created to explore Innovation and Human Creativity with a focus on Interesting, Rare and Unusual Motorcycles and Accessories. Haul N Ride welcomes the sharing of projects and ideas, creating an enjoyable and educational online resource. We like to hear from readers so please leave a comment below and let us know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting Haul N Ride. Dave

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