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Parallel Sidecars

Here will be discussed attaching a sidecar to a motorcycle as a Parallel Sidecar.

A Parallel Sidecar allows both the motorcycle and sidecar wheel to lean, but unlike a Flexible Sidecar, the sidecar occupant does not lean.

Armec Tilting Sidecar
Flexible, Parallel and Leaning sidecars have been around since 1903.
In the hands of a professional, they outperformed a conventional Ridgid Hack.

Parallelogram Sidecar

  • No need for Leading Link modifications or Steering Damper.
  • Safer cornering with counter steering.
  • Cannot accidentally "Fly the Chair".
  • Experienced solo riders can easily ride a Parallel sidecar.
Parallelogram Sidecar

Drivers of "Hacks" will need to re-learn to ride a Parallel Sidecar (counter steering).

Parallel Sidecar allows the motorcycle and the sidecar wheel to lean while the sidecar boat remains upright.

Parallel Sidecar

Unlike a Flexible Sidecar which has the location of the sidecar wheel in the centre, a Parallel Sidecar has the sidecar wheel on the outside of the sidecar (like a Leaner or Rigid Hack). This makes a Parallel Sidecar a good option for wheelchair access as the boat can be located close to the ground. This sidecar combination also allows the motorcycle to lean around corners.

Parallel Sidecar

Video examples

Homemade Parallel Sidecar

Parallel Sidecar

Parallel Sidecar

Like a Leaner Sidecar, extra width may be a problem when considering connecting a Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar as a Parallel Sidecar.

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